Dr Tasawar Nawaz

Dr Tasawar Nawaz

Lecturer in Finance

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

International Business Program Lead


PhD in Accountancy & Finance
MSc in International Economics
MBA in International Business
PGCert in Academic Practice

Professional membership

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), United Kingdom

Teaching interests

Corporate Governance & Business Ethics | Financial Statement Analysis | Financial Institutions & Markets | Applied Corporate Finance | Financial Management | Fundamentals of Accounting | Managerial Accounting | Islamic Banking & Finance

Research interests

Inclusive Financing (Financial Inclusion/Exclusion/Unbanked) | Corporate Governance | Islamic Banking & Finance | Microfinance & Third Sector (Charity) Organisations | Political CSR | Intellectual Capital | Risk Disclosure | Supports Management | Human Capital | Higher Education & Internationalization


Selected publications

Nawaz, T. (2019). Exploring the nexus between human capital, corporate governance and performance: evidence from Islamic banks, Journal of Business Ethics, 157(2), 568-587. DOI.

Nawaz, T. and Virk, N.S. (2019). Religious entrenchment and agency costs. Economics Letters, 179, 83-86. DOI.

Nawaz, T., Haniffa, R. and Hudaib, M. (2020). On intellectual capital efficiency and Shariah governance in Islamic banking business model. International Journal of Finance & Economics. DOI.

Nawaz, T. (2017). Momentum investment strategies, corporate governance, and firm performance: an analysis of Islamic banks, Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, 17(2), 192-211. DOI.

Nawaz, T. (2017). Islamic vs. conventional banks in dual-banking systems: business model, investment strategies and economic performance, International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics, 12(4), 330–348. DOI.

Nawaz, T. and Haniffa, R. (2017). Determinants of financial performance of Islamic banks: an intellectual capital perspective, Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, 8(2), 130-142. DOI.

Nawaz, T. (2018). Determinants and consequences of disruptive innovations: evidence from the UK financial services sector. Accounting and Management Information Systems, 17(2), 234–251. DOI.

Nawaz, T. (2018). Internationalisation strategy, faculty response and academic preparedness for transnational teaching: The significance of pre-departure training. Education + Training, 60(9), 1084-1096. DOI.

Nawaz, T. (2017). Intellectual capital, financial crisis and performance of Islamic banks: does Shariah governance matter? International Journal of Business and Society, 18(1), 2011-226. DOI.


Nawaz, T. (2015). Ethical Banking in the Land of Redistributive Policies, Scholars Press, Saarbruchen, Germany.


Nawaz, T. (2016). Expatriation in the Age of Austerity: An Analysis of Capital Mobilization Strategies of Self-Initiated Expatriates, In Handbook of Research on Human Resources Strategies for the New Millennial Workforce, IGI Global, Pennsylvania 17033-1240, USA (p.177-199). DOI.