Symeon Makris

Symeon Makris

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



PhD Research Student 


2013-2018 MEarthSci Geology and Physical Geography, University of Edinburgh

Master's dissertation project: THE SIGNFICANCE OF DOWN-SYSTEM GRAVEL SIZE AND LITHOLOGICEVOLUTION IN BASIN AND FLUVIAL DYNAMICS: A case study of the modern and ancientdeposits of the Aquitaine basin (Norther Pyrenees)
Undergraduate dissertation project: What are the factors that have affected the evolution of Mount Olympus (Greece) and what is their role in shaping the mountain? Atranslation of the fluvial system.




Research interests

PhD Research: Propagation of Volcanic and Non-Volcanic Landslides: A Combined Field, Experimental and Numerical Approach 

My research examines the high mobility and long runouts of massive landslides aiming to evaluate the processes that allow this behaviour. Such events in nature are massive and catastrophic. My research also focuses on the examination of the higher mobility of volcanic landslides compared to equivalen events in non-volcanic environments.

I am also interested in fluvial geomorphology on which I focused during my MEarthSci degree. For my master's thesis I worked within the Land Surface Dynamics research group of the university of Edinburgh; acting as a field assistant for other research while developing my own project.



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted


Makris, S., Manzella, I., Cole, P. and Roverato, M., 2020. Grain size distribution and sedimentology in volcanic mass-wasting flows: implications for propagation and mobility. International Journal of Earth Sciences, pp.1-17.

Makris S, Roverato M, Davila-Harris P, Cole P & Manzella I (2023) 'Distributed stress fluidisation: insights into the propagation mechanisms of the Abona debris avalanche (Tenerife) through a novel method for indurated deposit sedimentological analysis' Frontiers in Earth Science , DOI Open access
Makris S, Roverato M, Lomoschitz A, Cole P & Manzella I (2023) 'The propagation and emplacement mechanisms of the Tenteniguada volcanic debris avalanche (Gran Canaria): Field evidence for brittle fault-accommodated spreading' Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 435, , DOI Open access
Makris S, Manzella I, Cole P & Roverato M (2020) 'Grain size distribution and sedimentology in volcanic mass-wasting flows: implications for propagation and mobility' International Journal of Earth Sciences , DOI Open access