Professor Syed Hussain

Professor Syed Hussain

Chair in Oncology

Institute of Translational & Stratified Medicine (Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry)


Professor Syed A Hussain, MBBS, MSc, MD, FRCP

Professor and Chair in Oncology, Consultant in Medical Oncology. Plymouth University, Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry   


"Professor Hussain graduated from Dow Medical College Karachi in 1994. He completed his general medical professional training in UK. He did his Doctorate in Oncology from University of Birmingham. He then completed his Medical oncology training in Birmingham, United Kingdom and received his certification and specialist registration in Medical oncology.

He is Professor/ Chair and Consultant in Oncology at the University of Plymouth and Plymouth University Hospitals. His major areas of interest are management of urological cancers, clinical trials, early drug development and translational medicine. He has set up a large number of clinical trials from early phase to late phase studies during his career thus providing early access to novel drugs for patients within the region and receives patient referrals from far and wide.    


His work on organ preservation in bladder cancer moved all the way from an early phase I study (Hussain et al Annals of Oncology 2001), to phase II efficacy study (Hussain et al BJC 2004) that led to a Cancer Research UK funded study BC2001 trial that was reported in New England Journal of Medicine (James, Hussain, Hall et al April 2012). This study has now changed the standard of care for patients with muscle invasive bladder cancer opting for organ preservation treatment. His work on split dose cisplatin in bladder cancer has extended the spectrum of patients receiving cisplatin based chemotherapy (Hussain et al BJC 2004). Dr Hussain is principal investigator of a number of studies in bladder, prostate and kidney cancers. He is a chief investigator of a national randomised placebo-controlled phase II neo-adjuvant study in muscle invasive bladder cancer. He served as chief investigator of various early phase, and translational studies. Dr Hussain received prestigious ASCO merit award for two consecutive years.


 Dr Hussain has authored 77 peer-reviewed publications including 4 book chapters in textbooks of oncology. Dr Hussain has been an invited speaker to international and national meetings. Dr Hussain has secured funding of over 3.6 million pounds from national funding bodies.

Key publications are highlighted

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