Ms Susie Bissell

Ms Susie Bissell

Events Manager

Exams, Awards & Events - Registry Services (Academic Registry)


Event Manager - Stakeholder Engagement Events Team, External Relations


2004 BA (Hons) Geography, University of Plymouth

Research interests

Rural Issues
Local action
Work Based Learning
Geography Employability
Widening Participation

Grants & contracts

2006 South West Regional Research Priorities Board (SWRRRPB) completed june 2006 Rural Research in the South West of England

2006 Research on Dr Richard Yarwood’s Nuffield Foundation grant  to study 'Voluntarism, serivce provision and rurality: a study of mountain rescue teams in Britain'.

2007-8 Centre for Sustainable Futures (CSF), funded research project on Sustainable Development and Pedagogy in Higher Education (with Dr Debby Cotton, Dr Ian Bailey, Mr Martin Warren)

2007 Research project:  The role of the information intermediary in rural access to online services.  Pilot study funded by Seale-Hayne Educational Trust.  With Martyn Warren (project lead). 

2008 Research on a Seale Hayne Educational Trust Project working for Dr Richard Yarwood and Dr James Sidaway entitled The geography of ‘green’ funerals sites in Rural England: a case study of the South West

Research groups

  • Rural Development

Cotton, D., Bailey, I., Warren, M. & Bissell, S. (2009) Revolutions and second-best solutions: Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education. Studies in Higher Education 34 (7): 719-733 (Abstract here

Editor GEES Subject Centre Publication Planet 22 September 2009

Editor GEES Subject Centre Publication Planet 23 Special Edition: Assessment for Learning in the GEES Disciplines December 2010

Editor GEES Subject Centre Publication Planet 24, In press

Reports & invited lectures


Cotton, D., Bissell, S., Bailey, I. & Warren, M. (2008) Sustainability in Higher Education: the search for a 'second best' solution. All our Futures Conference, University of Plymouth, UK.  

Bissell. S (2008) Employability in the Curriculum. Employability, Employer Engagement and Enterprise in the GEES Disciplines, GEES Subject Centre Conference, Edinburgh, UK

Bissell. S (2007) 'Geography Futures' Geography at School and University' GA Annual Conference

Bissell, S., Cotton, D., Warren, M., Bailey, I. and Maibouroda, O. (2006) Transforming an Institution: Integrating Sustainable Development into Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (ISSOTL) Conference, 9th to 12th November, Washington, US.

Warren, M., Kagawa, F., Cotton, D., Bailey, I., Maibouroda, O., and Bissell, S. (2006) Using research to inform institutional change. The VC's Learning and Teaching Conference, 30th June, University of Plymouth, UK.

Warren,M., Cotton,D., Maibouroda, O., Bailey, I. and Bissell, S. (2006) Embedding an Ethical Issue in the Curriculum: Lecturers and the Sustainabilty Agenda. 8th European Conference on Higher Agricultural Education (ECHAE), 13th to16th September, Czech University of Agriculture, Prague.

Gray-Donald, J., Bailey, I., Bissell, S., Cotton, D., Kagawa, F., Warren, M. & Maibouroda, O. (2007) Understandings, attitudes and experiences of ESD: Results of Research at the University of Plymouth and an invitation to an international research project. Sustainability Conference, 4-7 January, University of Madras, Chennai, India.

Cotton, D., Bissell, S., Bailey, I. & Warren, M. (2008) Sustainability in Higher Education: the search for a 'second best' solution. All our Futures Conference, University of Plymouth, UK.