Mr Sulakshan Rajendran

Mr Sulakshan Rajendran

Marine-i Industrial Research Fellow - AI, Autonomy, Control Systems, Robotics

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

I am an aerospace systems engineer and have worked in aerospace and automotive industries. I am very much interested in developing intelligent control and navigation systems for aerospace, automotive and marine applications. 


I have completed my BEng (Hons) in aerospace systems engineering at University of Hertfordshire, UK in 2011. Following completing my undergraduates, I worked in UH-RAF academy funded project as a simulation engineer developing a real-time simulator for pilot studies. Then, I did my MPhil in engineering focusing on intelligent control systems for UAVs at University of Leicester from 2012-2014. Then, continued to work as research associate at UoL (BAE systems) project focusing on space robots/UAVs. I have worked as teaching associate at University of Kent from 2015-2016. Then, I did my PhD in electronic and electrical engineering at UCL (UCL-JLR funded project), focusing on intelligent adaptive control systems for electric vehicles with novel powertrain configurations. 

Professional membership



Teaching interests

Flight control systems

Modelling and simulation

Intelligent control systems

Autonomous systems

Hybrid vehicles

Research interests

Intelligent control systems


Autonomous vehicles/vessels/systems in general

Hybrid vehicles/vessels/aircrafts


Other academic activities

Mentoring MSc students at UCL for two years.

Supervising and Co-supervising BEng/MEng individual and group projects.