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Mr Stewart Taylor

Associate Lecturer

BRNC (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

As a lecturer in Ship Technology I am responsible for lecturing ship technology to Naval students. I studied Mechanical Engineering at Aston University graduating in 2009 and gained an MSc in Naval Architecture in 2012 from University College London. Before, during and after the MSc in Naval Architecture I was employed as a trainee naval architect applying stability theory, researching residual strength of aluminium vessels and working for the customer acceptance team for submarines.


B Eng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
MSc Naval Architecture

Professional membership

Associate Member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects

Teaching interests

As a lecturer in ship technology I am responsible for the teaching of ship technology to naval students as part of their foundation degree in Naval Studies. As part of my role I teach initial trainees an overview of ship technology which is not assessed but refered to later in their training.

Research interests

I am interested in combat survivability of vessels and repair once they have sustained damage. I am currently engaging with the naval architecture community and potential funding organisations with respect to undertaking a PhD in battle damage repair focused on vessels with smaller crews.

Conference Papers

Taylor,S., Magoga, T. and Aksu, S., 2013. Residual Strength Assessment of an Aluminium Patrol Boat. In: Royal Institute of Naval Architects, Damaged Ship II Conference. London 30-31 January 2013. London: Royal Institute of Naval Architects