Dr Steven Jakes

Dr Steven Jakes

Lecturer in Tourism, Hospitality & Events Management (Education)

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Hi, my name is Steve Jakes. I am a Lecturer in Tourism and Events Management and my main teaching interests are oriented around geographical and sociological themes and their relation and application to leisure, tourism and events. I also specialise in teaching research methods and quantitative data analysis using SPSS. My role also involves some administration duties in support of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality. 

Past roles have included:

2016 - the present : Lecturer in Tourism and Events Management, School of Tourism and Hospitality, University of Plymouth.       
2014-2015: Research Assistant, School of Tourism and Hospitality, University of Plymouth.

2010-2014: Associate Lecturer, School of Tourism and Hospitality, University of Plymouth.

2010-2013: Teacher of Tourism, Plymouth University International College.

2010-2012: Teacher of Academic Study Skills and Communication, Plymouth University International College.


2015: PhD. Social Exclusion, Resort Decline and the English Seaside, University of Plymouth.
2008: MSc (with Distinction). Tourism, Development and Policy, University of Exeter.
2006: BA (First Class Hons.). Tourism Studies and Geography, University of Exeter.

2016: PGCert. Academic Practice, University of Plymouth

Professional membership

Member of the Tourism Research Information Network
Member of the Tourism Management Institute
Member of the Regional Studies Association

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Teaching interests

Specialise in the teaching of:
  • Special Interest Tourism;
  • Tourism Environments and Tourist Behaviour;
  • Tourism Geographies;
  • Tourism Development and Culture;
  • Crime and Sustainable Tourism; and,
  • Research Methods.

Research interests

My long-standing interests are in the broad field of issues of economic change, spatial development and social disadvantage in the developed world. These interests have also drawn me into specific work on relationships between resort decline and social exclusion and on dynamics and processes of change within the economies of English seaside resorts and deprived neighbourhoods. The core concern of my research is to improve understanding of the range of factors influencing area-based deprivation in English seaside resorts and to promote their integration into regeneration policy and practice. My interest is also in examining spatial concentrations of deprivation in seaside resorts, at the neighbourhood level, and the extent to which they can have a compounding effect upon residents of deprived areas and contribute to social exclusion. My main analytical approach is the use of quantitative methods. I have created a national seaside resort database comprising an extensive range of social, economic and demographic measures for seaside regions, districts, wards and neighbourhoods. My PhD research resulted in the construction of said database, which is composed of time-series data drawn from an array of sources. No other database of this nature has ever existed in the UK. The national seaside resort database therefore constitutes a significant and valuable academic resource. I have a research agenda on social and economic change in English seaside resorts and am currently crafting papers for publication.

Other interests include:
  • the production, distribution and consumption of social tourism
  • the role of events in fostering social capital and addressing issues of social exclusion
  • the role of events in urban regeneration
  • the production, distribution and consumption of electronic dance music events


Other research

2008: My MSc thesis concerned the effects of wilderness on military personnel's attitudes toward nature. This distinction level work points to my perseverance as well as persuasion, working as I did on a tricky topic with difficult subjects. A report detailing the findings of the survey of military attitudes and behaviours towards the environment was requested by the Ministry of Defence for their environmental awareness training component.

2006: Worked as independent researcher for Tamar Housing Society, Plymouth. Conducted a social survey of and in-depth interviews with people living in socially deprived areas of Plymouth to identify the level and extent of housing need. I analysed all data arising from the survey (n=600) and the in-depth interviews (n=62) before producing a report to inform local policy and delivery to better target resources and support.

2006: Worked as researcher for Okehampton Town Council, West Devon. Conducted a survey/public consultation exercise on the change of use of the market in Okehampton. The report that I produced was presented to the Council's Property Committee, examined and endorsed as a working paper for the future of the market.

Agarwal, S. Jakes, S. Essex, S. Page, S. & Mowforth, M. (2018) 'Disadvantage in English seaside resorts: A typology of deprived neighbourhoods'. Tourism Management. 69: 440-459