Dr Steve Shaw

Dr Steve Shaw

Associate Lecturer

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health)

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Statistics. 

Involved in outreach and recruitment, including Open Days ,Applicant Days and International Recruitment, especially direct entry to final stage from Hong Kong.

Module leader for Statistics Project.


B.Sc. (First class honours) Pure Mathematics and Probability and Statistics, Sheffield University

M.Sc. Statistics, Sheffield University

PhD Environmental Science, Lancaster University

Professional membership

Poyal Statistical Society (RSS)

Teaching interests

Medical Statistics, Clinical Trials, Statistical Modelling, Experimental Design, Statistics in Psychology

Currently teaching:
STAT3402 Medical Statistics (term 1: Clinical trials)
PSY245 (Statistics for Psychology, Stage 2)
BIOL1007 and BIOL2001/2003 (Stage 1 and 2 Statistics for Biology)
MATH1505 Probability and Statistical Inference 1

Research interests

Medical statistics, clinical trials

Grants & contracts

A few examples of large scale funded projects in which I have a major involvement are:

 1.   Two large funded multi-centre case-control studies, the first investigating Suprachoroidal Haemorrhage (SCH), which is a complication of eye cataracts surgery, principal investigator: Mr Mick Cole (Consultant Ophthalmologist, Torbay Hospital). This study funded a statistical research assistant whom I supervised and allowed some of my time to be bought out. There have been two publications (both Ling et al, 2004) which were awarded the Kumar Prize (an award for best paper in anaesthetics). The statistical analysis showed that greater use of general anaesthetics for at-risk patients would lead to lower incidence of SCH. The second study into a different complication of cataract surgery, the Displacement of Nuclear Fragments into the Vitreous, has just been completed and two articles have been published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology.

2.   The Healthy Housing project, principal investigator: Margaret Somerville. An application for regional NHS funding (with myself as co-applicant) for statistical analysis of the data was successful. Publications include Richardson et al, 2006.

3.   A study based in Torbay investigating pre-hospital thrombolysis by paramedics for AMI (heart attack) patients. A feasibility study had regional funding (over £50000) and was published in the BMJ (Keeling et al, 2003). Following this study, paramedics in Torbay and many other areas are now allowed to administer pre-hospital thrombolysis, potentially saving time before treatment and hence the lives of heart attack patients. Funding for a follow-up evaluation study was also obtained. This evaluation has now been completed and the results will be published shortly.


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Additional information

My other interests include travel, hill-walking and football. I have visited Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia (Borneo), India, South Africa and Peru in recent years. I have walked a number of long distance trails including the West Highland Way, Wainwight's Coast-to-Coast and the Southern Upland Way.