Dr Steve Butts

Dr Steve Butts

Head of School

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Previous roles include: 

Interim Deputy Dean

Associate Dean: Teaching & Learning

Curriculum Enrichment Project Implementation Manager

University Teaching Fellow


Ph.D. Applied Anthropology University of South Florida

Master's Degree in Anthropology from University of Kansas

Bachelor's Degree University of Kansas

Professional membership

Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy 

Fellow, RSA

Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology

Roles on external bodies

Plymouth Area Business Council



Teaching interests

Applying Anthropology

Intercultural Communication

Participant Observation

Culture and Social Change

Creative Design and Experiences

Cultural Events Management 




Research interests

Current research interests include: strategic use of events; student experience; event and destination innovation. 



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Other academic activities

Other Academic Activities:

2013-2015 Teaching Development Framework Panel Member for HEA Accreditation.

2013 SSTAR (Student and Staff, Teaching and Representation) Award Nominee, Most Innovative Use of Teaching Methods.

2011-2013 Project Manager, University Induction Welcome Parties.

2011-2015 Key Information Sets Return Lead

2011 Vice-Chancellor's Enterprise Awards Winner - Inspirational Contribution to Teaching.

2006-2015 Internal and external degree approval chair and panel member. 

2006-2008 University of Plymouth Internationalisation Change Academy Group.

2006-2007 University Teaching Fellow, “Mapping the non-UK Domiciled Student Experience."

2005-2006 University Teaching Fellow, "Intecultural Awareness and Conflict Alleviation."

2004-2005 Seale-Hayne Educational Trust Grant, “Intercultural Communication Development.”