Dr Stephen Grove

Dr Stephen Grove

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer)

School of Engineering (Faculty of Science & Engineering)


Associate Professor (SL), School of Marine Science and Engineering
Formerly Associate Head/subject group leader for mechanical and marine engineering.


BSc - Physics (Imperial College, London, 1974)
MPhil - Meteorology (Imperial College, London, 1977)
Associate of the Royal College of Science
Diploma of Membership of Imperial College
PhD - Anisotropy of Heat Conduction in Fibre-Reinforced Composites (Plymouth Polytechnic/CNAA, 1985)
Chartered Physicist (CPhys)
Chartered Engineer (CEng)

Professional membership

Institute of Physics (Member)
Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering

Roles on external bodies

Member of EPSRC College (composite materials).
Panel member for EPSRC RNET4 (Renewable and New Energy Technologies).
Sector Specialist for SWERDA projects Knowledge Exploitation South West and HEIF.
Inspire SW Regional Technology Panel.
National Composites Network, Strategy Group member.
Aerospace Training South West (academic steering group).

Teaching interests

Introductory Materials Technology.
Composites Analysis and Design.
Composites Manufacture.
Finite Element Analysis
CPD (various levels) short courses in composites technology.

Staff serving as external examiners

MPhil:  Southampton (1997); Bristol (2003)
PhD:  Swansea (2009 & 2010); Manchester (2010); Portsmouth (2010); Anna, India (2014), Southampton (2017)

Research interests

Polymer composites design, manufacture and applications.
Numerical modelling of heat transfer and flow processes.
Thermo-physical behaviour of building materials and structures.
Materials characterisation.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

As Director of Studies:
Griffin (PhD) - 1995
Craen (MPhil) - 2000
Progoulakis (MPhil) - 2004
Lorraine (MPhil) - 2009
Blackburn (MPhil) - 2009
Pomeroy (PhD) - 2010
Harman (PhD) - 2013
Cullen (PhD) - 2013
Abdalrahman (PhD) - 2016
Meng (PhD) - 2016

Current supervision:  2 PhD.

Grants & contracts

Recent Government / EU grants:
EPSRC Industrial CASE Award (with Plastech), £112.6k, 2004-2007.
DTI Advanced Technology Programme, Production of Off-Axis Thermoplastic Prepreg, £49k, 2005-2007.
EU Framework 6 - ALCAS (Advanced Low-Cost Aircraft Structures) - Training and Dissemination, €100k, 2005-2009.
EPSRC Industrial CASE Award (with Vestas Technology UK), £79.3k, 2006-2009.
GWR Research Studentship (with QinetiQ), £55.6k, 2008-2011.

EU-Leonardo Partnership Programme, European Network for Plastics and Composites Training.  €15k, 2009-11.

EU FP7-SME ('RAMPCO').  £115k, 2013-15.

Commercially-funded R&D contracts in progress within ACMC on testing, training, process development, design and analysis.  Recent clients include Alvis, Smith & Nephew, Vestas, Babcock, ESL.
Expert witness work in structural failure of composites.

Teaching Company Schemes / Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: 12 projects (7 as Lead Academic) since 1992. Programme with Pendennis (Jan 2000) and Plastech (Jan 2003) awarded TCS Certificates of Excellence. Recent programmes with Plastech, Dowty Aerospace and Kingfisher Boats (2004-2007, £113k), Pipex (2011-12, £58k).

Creative practice & artistic projects

Actor for BBC Radio Devon, including Darwin's Devon (Nick Stimson, 2009) and World War One At Home (2014).

Journal Papers

  1. Rzgar Abdalrahman, Stephen Grove, Adam Kyte and Md Jahir Rizvi. Numerical Analysis of the Thermomechanical Behaviour of an Integrally Water-Heated Tool for Composite Manufacturing.  Journal of Reinforced Plastics & Composites (2017), 36(4) 241–253.
  2. M Meng, H Le, SM Grove and MJ Rizvi. Moisture effects on the bending fatigue of laminate composites.  Composite Structures (2016), 154, 49-60.  
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  4. M Meng, MJ Rizvi, H Le and SM Grove. Multi-scale modelling of moisture diffusion coupled with stress distribution in CFRP laminated composites. Composite Structures (2016), 138, 295-304.
  5. M Meng, MJ Rizvi, SM Grove and H Le. Effects of hygrothermal stress on the failure of CFRP composites. Composite Structures (2015), 133, 1024-1035.
  6. M Meng, H Le, MJ Rizvi and SM Grove. The effects of unequal compressive/tensile moduli of composites. Composite Structures (2015), 126, 207-215.
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  9. B Pilkington and S Grove. Thermal conductivity probe length to radius ratio problem when measuring building insulation materials.   Construction and Building Materials (2012), 35, 531-546.
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Conference Papers

  1. D Harman, SM Grove and J Summerscales.  The economics of through-thickness fibre reinforcement using single sided robotic tufting.  ECCM-16, Seville, Spain (June 2014).
  2. P de Wilde, R Griffiths, SM Grove and S Goodhew.  Progress in Simulation of a Thermal Probe:  Modelling Sample to Probe Conductance.  11th International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference, Glasgow (July 2009). 
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Other Publications

  1. Stephen Grove.  Manufacture of Polymer Composites, in Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites, July 2012. DOI: 10.1002/9781118097298.weoc127
  2. John Summerscales and Stephen Grove. Manufacturing Methods for Natural Fibre Composites, in Hodzic and Shanks (ed), Natural Fibre Composites. Woodhead Publishing, UK (2014). ISBN 978-0-85709-524-4.

Reports & invited lectures

India Composites 2003 (Hyderabad) - Invited keynote speaker and workshop leader.
SAMPE European Conference 2004 (Paris) – Invited session chairman.
8th International Conference on Flow Processes in Composite Materials 2006 (Douai, France) - session chairman.


Advanced Composites Manufacturing Centre