Dr Stephen Brown

Dr Stephen Brown

Associate Professor in Psychology

School of Psychology (Faculty of Health)



Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology, School of Psychology, University of Plymouth (2022-)

Senior Lecturer in Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychological Sciences, University of Liverpool UK (2009-2019)

Reader, Department of Psychology, University of Derby, UK (2007-2009).

Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Central Lancashire, UK (2001-2007).

Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Monash University, Australia (1995-2000)

Professional membership

Practicing (Health) Psychologist with the Health Care Professions Council, UK.



Research interests

I conduct research in the public understanding of risk and decision-making around risk. Two foci are on tensions between decision-makers’ goals to manage risk and to manage anxiety, and the heuristics they use for decision-making. Research at a basic level tests the hypothesis that risk perception is a motivated process, and at an applied level addresses risk perception and decision-making in various health promotion areas and patient-practitioner decision-making in cancer care. I develop innovative teaching courses, anchored in theoretically-based teaching strategies, that simulate the professional challenges that students will face upon graduation.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Dr. Belinda Bradley (PhD, UCLan); Dr. Nikola Bridges (PhD, UCLan); Dr. Susan Cooper (PhD, UCLan); Dr. Triecia Gibney (DPsych, Monash); Dr. Alexander Montasem (PhD, Liverpool); Dr. Hannah Fielden (DClinPsych, Liverpool); Dr. Rachel Morton (DClinPsych, Liverpool); Dr Emma Forde (DClinPsych, Liverpool); Dr Gemma Cherry (DClinPsych, Liverpool); Dr. Arheiam Arheiam (PhD, Liverpool); Dr. Emma Shaw-Núnez (DClinPsych, Liverpool); Dr Juliet Bell (PhD, Liverpool); Dr Maria Hughes (DClinPsych, Liverpool); Dr Sarah Allen (PhD, Liverpool).

Grants & contracts

1. S.L. Brown, & P. Salmon. 2017-2019. Specialist Psychological Support for Patients with Intraocular Cancer. Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust. F-366773028. GBP£325,320.

2. S.L. Brown, P.Salmon, L.D. Hope-Stone. 2017-2018. Patient decision-making for prognostic testing in uveal melanoma. Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust. GBP£34,376

3. Harris, R.V., Hulme, C., Brown, S.L. Burnside, G., Ternet, L. Lowers, V., Laverty, L. 2017-2020. InteRventions to rEduce inequaliTies in the Uptake of Routine deNtal care (RETURN). NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research Programme RP-PG-0616-20004, GBP£2,365,757

4. S.L. Brown, P. Saini, M. Chandrashekar 2015-2016. A systematic review on social, cultural and individual influences on the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of South Asian women regarding asymptomatic screening for female cancers. NIHR CLAHRC North West Coast. GBP£50,809

5. S.L. Brown, R. Shaw & P. Salmon. 2013-2016, Understanding and Reducing Patient Presentation Delay in Oral Cancer. Doctoral Studentship. Aintree Head and Neck Cancer Patients’ Research Forum, GBP £55,000

6. S.L. Brown, P. Qualter, S. Coyne, B. Young. 2013-2017. Development of Alcohol-Related Aggression Scripts and Alcohol-Related Aggression in Alcohol-Naive Adolescents. Economic and Social Research Council, ES/K011537/1, GBP£338,118

7. S.L. Brown, Thorley, C., Boyland, E. & Smith, R. 2014. Does body weight predict memorability of and appetitive response to television food advertisements? Undergraduate Research Assistantship, British Psychological Society. GBP£1,600

8. Harris, R.V., Steele, J., Vernazza, C., Atkins, B., Morgan, E., Burnside, G., Ternet, L. & Brown, S.L. 2014-2017. The value and cost of different forms of information on oral health status and risk given to patients following a check-up in dental practice. NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research Programme GBP£427,142

9. S.L. Brown, P. Salmon, D.D. Whiting, H.C. Beesley, C. Holcombe 2014-2015. Patient and surgeon decision-making in risk-reducing mastectomy: an ethical and empirical analysis. Economic and Social Research Council, ES/J008184/1, GBP£212,991

10. Harris, R.V., Perkins, E., Holt, G. & Brown, S.L., 2010-2013, Contracting with General Dental Services. National institute for Health Research, GBP £473,552.

11. S.L. Brown, A.M. Morley & P.J. Taylor, 2009-2011, ‘Fuzzy representations of risk in alcohol users.’ Leverhulme Trust, GBP £51,948.

12. S.L. Brown, P. Qualter & S.M. Coyne, 2008-2009, “Script representations of alcohol-related aggression in underage drinkers”. Alcohol Education and Research Council, GBP £4,990.

13. S.M. Coyne, S.L. Brown & P. Qualter, 2008-2009, “Script representations of alcohol-related aggression in underage drinkers”. Brigham Young University, Utah, USA, US $3,582.

14. D. Heim & S.L. Brown, 2006-2009, “Evaluation of the effects of anti-smoking legislation in England”. Cancer Research Council, GBP £81,000.

15. S.L. Brown and M. Richardson, 2007-2008, “Eye movements and attention to detail in health and safety warnings.” University of Derby RIC Award, GBP £4,000.

16. S.L. Brown 2001, ‘Review of literature pertaining to the road safety effects of roadside advertising materials’. TransportSA, AUD $3,000.

17. S.L. Brown 2000, “The Role of Defensive Motivation in Optimism Bias”. ARC Small Grant, AUD $2,735.

18. S.L. Brown 1998, “Effects on recidivism of a relicensing program for drink drivers in Victoria, Australia”. VicRoads, AUD $5,500.

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21. S.L. Brown and E. Gullone, 1996, "Relationships between Cognitive and Emotional Variables in the Prediction of Adolescent Risk-Taking Behaviours". ARC Small Grant, AUD $5,000.

22. S.L. Brown 1995-1996, “Targeting high risk drivers”. TransportSA, AUD $160,000 (estimate).



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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