Ms Sonam Zamir

Ms Sonam Zamir

School of Nursing and Midwifery (Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences)


PHD student


BSc Psychology

MSc Psychology, health and behaviour

Mphil/PHD Applied Health Studies
Project title: Using video calls to prevent loneliness in care homes
Supervisors: Professor Ray Jones, Professor Adrian Taylor, Professor Catherine Henessey


My expertise includes liaising with a number of stakeholders such as care home chains, care home managers, hospitals, universities and charities which have all been involved and taken an interest in my research.

I have research experience in collecting quantitative data (creating, distributing and analysing questionnaires), and qualitative data (conducting interviews, Nvivo, IPA analysis).

I have previously worked in the caring for residents with a number of mental health problems from dementia to autism. Currently I have five residential care homes involved in my PHD project that are successfully beginning to use video-calls with older people, to help them stay better connected with family and friends. I am continuously researching how new comunication technologies can be developed to help further my research .

Professional membership


Research interests

Dementia and cognitive decline

Care homes and hospitals
Loneliness and social isolation impact on health and well-being
Tele-health and tele-presence 
Assistive technology to improve health
Health interventions
Action research

Key publications are highlighted

Zamir S, Hennessy CH, Taylor AH & Jones RB 2018 'Video-calls to reduce loneliness and social isolation within care environments for older people: an implementation study using collaborative action research' BMC Geriatrics 18, Author Site , DOI PEARL