Dr Sharon Gedye

Dr Sharon Gedye

Educational Developer

Library and Educational Development

  • PGCAP711 ITL Co-Course Leader
  • PGCAP Negotiated Study Module (NSM) leader for Employability and Enterprise
  • Supports specific teaching and learning themes through workshops and the production of resources (Employability, Associate Lecturers, Flipped Classroom)
  • Pedagogic research 
  • Educational Development representative on the Student Services Senior Management Group
  • 7 Steps Series Editor


B.Sc. (Hons.) Geography (First Class),  University of Liverpool, 1993.
Ph.D. Geography. Title: ‘Mass Balance in Recent Peat’.  N.E.R.C. Case Studentship, University of Liverpool, 1998. 
Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)

Previous Employment

2003 to 2010
Project Coordinator (PT) / Employability Researcher for the HE Academy Subject Centre for Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (GEES), based at the University of Plymouth. 

1996 to 2003
Lecturer in Physical Geography, Edge Hill University. Responsible for teaching across all undergraduate levels, research and administration. Year 2 programme tutor.


2006 to 2007   
Associate Lecturer (PT) at the College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth providing sabbatical cover on six modules within the Geography subject area.

Personal Development Planning (PDP) Support Officer (PT) for the University of Plymouth. Working as part of the Educational Development team I helped to support staff in developing and delivering PDP through staff workshops, course team meetings and resource development.

Research Assistant to Professor F. Oldfield, University of Liverpool. Employed to undertake palaeomagnetic analysis of varved lake sediments as part of the ‘Geochronology of the Last Millennium‘, NERC special topic project.

Professional membership

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA).

Teaching interests

My teaching Interests and specialisms within Educational Development are:

  • Employability and Enterprise
  • Personal Development Planning
  • 'The Flipped Classroom'

Previous Teaching and Learning Experience

As a Geography Lecturer:

  • Lecturing, practical/field teaching, e-learning, team-teaching, , small group teaching, supervision (undergraduate to PhD). In addition to my subject teaching I specialised in personal and skills development (study skills, key skills, personal development planning (PDP)).
  • As module leader covering 60 credits worth of level 1 provision, my role required careful induction, teaching and assessment practices to combat cross-institutional retention issues.
  • I worked in partnership with the Teaching and Learning Development Unit at Edge Hill University to develop, customise and embed PDP into the level one curriculum of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science programmes (2001). 
  • I was an early adopter (2001) of e-learning in my teaching practice. I was one of the first-wave of lecturers at my institution (and nationally) to employ blended on-line learning.

As a Teaching and Learning Professional:

  • I have experience of staff development in relation to teaching and learning.  I have facilitated numerous employability and PDP workshops both at the UoP and nationally.
  • I was a membership of the HEA Employer Engagement Facilitation Group and the HEA Education for Sustainable Development Planning Group.
  • Experience of liaising with employers and employer representative bodies in relation to my work on employability and employer engagement.
  • Brokering relationships between individuals and organisations (e.g. CETLs), and connecting them with useful resources and helping to disseminate their findings.
  •  HEA funded Employer Engagement Project – scoping the understandings and practices of GEES academics with respect to employer engagement.
  • Student Participation in Quality Scotland (SPARQS) - Student Networks Project.  Working directly with student reps to help them develop their role.
  • Co-written a guide on employability in the GEES disciplines - Gedye, S. & Chalkley, B (2006). Employability within Geography, Earth and Environmental Science. GEES Learning and Teaching Guide. HEA GEES Subject Centre, University of Plymouth.
  • Co-written the GEES student employability profiles. These highly successful profiles were developed by Subject Centres and the Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE). They now feature on the UCAS and Prospects websites.
  • Conducted a literature review on the theme of formative feedback for an educational project at the College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth (2007).
  • Co-edited the GEES Subject Centre publication ‘Planet’ and the GEES Subject Centre ‘Briefings’.
  • Co-edited the forthcoming publication ‘The Pedagogy of Climate Change’ with Professor Simon Haslett (Director of the Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching, University of Wales, Newport) and Professor Derek France (Geography, University of Chester).

Gedye, S. and Beaumont, E.(2018) “The ability to get a job”: student understandings and definitions ofemployability, Education + Training. 

Beaumont EF, Gedye S & Richardson S 2016 '‘Am I employable?’: Understanding students' employability confidence and their perceived barriers to gaining employment' Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education , DOI PEARL

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Conference Papers

Gedye, S. (2015). Doing pedagogic research as a geographer. The GEES Network Annual Meeting.University of Exeter, 1st Sept,2015.

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Other academic activities

  • Reviewer for Journal of Geography in Higher Education, British Educational Research Journal
  • Financial management (£250k) of the JISC/HEA funded Open Educational Resources (OER) C-Change Project for the GEES Subject Centre (2009-10).
  • External reviewer for Bath Spa University on their review of the cross-institutional Personal and Academic Development (PAD) award (2007).
  • Member of both the Skills Plus and PDP working groups (2003-2004) (University of Plymouth)
  • Member of school and university teaching, learning and assessment committees, member of departmental health and safety committee, member of the school research group (Edge Hill University)
  • Experience of programme validation and quality assurance assessment
  • Responsible for implementing departmental marketing changes for open days and for producing departmental marketing materials in conjunction with the marketing department (Edge Hill University)