Dr Shailendra Rathore

Dr Shailendra Rathore

Lecturer in Cyber-Physical Systems Security

Faculty of Science and Engineering

I am currently a lecturer (Assistant Prof.) in Cyber Physical System Security



Ph.D. Hons (2016-2020) in Cyber Security, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, South Korea

Master of Eng. (2012-2014) in Information Security, Thapar University, Patiala, Punjab, India

B.Tech. (2008-2012) in Computer Engineering, Rajasthan Technical University, Rajasthan, India

Employment History

Research Associate (2020), Department of Computer Science and Eng., Chung-Ang University, South Korea

Researcher (2014-2015), CG Global R&D Center, Crompton Greaves Ltd., Mumbai, India

Research Assistant (2015-2016), National Institute of Technology, India

Roles on external bodies

Teaching interests

Interested in teaching cyber-security related areas as well as computer systems and engineering.

Teaching in 2021

COMP5007* Cyber-Physical Systems Security

Research interests

My research interests are:

·   Cyber and Network Security (i.e., Security threats and malware analysis, penetration testing)

·   Blockchain (i.e., Develop decentralized and security solutions)

·   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (i.e., Intrusion detection, security attack detection, spam detection)

·   Network Security to Cyber Physical System and Internet of Things (IoT) (i.e., Cloud security and Security attack detection)

·   Social Networking Security (i.e., Spam detection)


Selected Publications

Rathore, S., Park, J. H. (2020). A Blockchain-based Deep Learning Approach for Cyber Security in Next Generation Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics.

Rathore, S., Park, J. H. (2019). Cognitive science-based security framework in consumer electronics. IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, 9(1), 83-87.

Rathore, S., Kwon, B. W., Park, J. H. (2019). BlockSecIoTNet: Blockchain-based decentralized security architecture for IoT network. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 143, 167-177.

Rathore, S., Park, J. H. (2018). Semi-supervised learning based distributed attack detection framework for IoT. Applied Soft Computing, 72, 79-89.

Rathore, S., Sharma, P. K., Loia, V., Jeong, Y. S., Park, J. H. (2017). Social network security: Issues, challenges, threats, and solutions. Information sciences, 421, 43-69.