Dr Sepideh Korsavi

Dr Sepideh Korsavi

Lecturer in Building Engineering

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Dr Sepideh Korsavi is a lecturer in Building Engineering and researcher in the department of Architecture and Built Environment, School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Plymouth, UK. 

Sepideh was awarded a Ph.D. degree from the Built and Natural Environment Department, Centre for Low Impact Buildings, Coventry University, UK, in November 2020. During her Ph.D., she studied integrated aspects of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) such as thermal comfort, visual comfort and indoor air quality alongside occupants’ adaptive behaviours in schools to provide more comfortable environments for school occupants and change policies regarding the design of schools. Sepideh received 'The Lanchester Trust Student Prize 2020' for demonstrating Enterprise, Initiative, Creativity, and Invention in my Ph.D. thesis. She also worked as a postdoctoral research fellow on energy efficiency and occupants’ behaviours in non-residential buildings at the University of Plymouth, UK. 

Sepideh is very passionate to explore how buildings can be designed, maintained and retrofitted to improve buildings performance. She is also working on how to reduce energy consumption in buildings while improving different aspects of Indoor Environmental Quality, occupants’ physiological variables and health. 

Throughout her studies and career, she has carried out research in different areas including sustainable design of buildings, building performance, IEQ (thermal comfort, indoor air quality and visual environment), Photovoltaic (PV) panels, Post-Occupancy Evaluation and occupants’ adaptive behaviours. 


PhD in Built Environment 

MSc in Architecture (Honours)

BSc in Architectural Engineering (Honours)



Teaching interests

Research Methods in the Built Environment 

Building Physics 

Sustainable and Climate-Responsive Design

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), Thermal Comfort, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Visual Comfort




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Conference Papers

7. Montazami, A, Korsavi, S, and Howell, G, 2020, Occupants’ satisfaction in BREEAM Excellent Certified Buildings, The 54th International Conference of the Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA), New Zealand, 25-28 November 2020.

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Other academic activities


Presenting at Sustainable Earth Conference, University of Plymouth, UK, 24-25 June 2021

Presenting in Symposium of Biophilic Design for Health and Well-being in Post-pandemic Schools, UK, 28th May 2021

Presenting at Mission Possible: Art and Enterprise for a Zero Carbon World, University of Plymouth, UK, 17 November 2020

Presenting in Windsor Conference, Rethinking Comfort, UK, 2018

Presenting in Faculty Research Symposium, Coventry University, UK, 06 June 2018

Presenting in Faculty Research Symposium, Coventry University, UK, 29 March 2017

Presenting in Passive Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) Conference, Design to Thrive, Edinborough, UK, 2017

Presenting in the 2nd Lighting Design International Conference, Tehran University, Iran, 2014

Additional information

Awards and Scholarships:

Winning Lanchester Trust Student Prize, Coventry University, UK, November 2020

Winning Postgraduate research mobility Fund, Coventry University, March 2019

Winning PhD Studentship in Coventry University, UK, September 2016

Winning PhD Studentship in Victoria University, New Zealand, September 2016

Winning the competition on design of a wall with recycled and waste materials, Shiraz University, Iran, 05/2013

Winning the competition on Cable Structures in Kashan University, 05/2012