Mr Satvik Venkatesh

Mr Satvik Venkatesh

School of Humanities and Performing Arts (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


I am a doctoral researcher in the EPSRC-funded RadioMe project at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research (ICCMR) lab. Additionally, I am involved in projects related to Brain-computer Music Interfaces, Unconventional Computing, and Artificial Intelligence for music.


Bachelor of Technology in Information and Communication Technology

Research Masters in Computer Music

Teaching interests

  • Computer Programming
  • Data Structures and algorithms
  • Music Technology
  • Signal Processing

Research interests

  • Computer Music
  • Brain-computer Interfaces
  • Unconventional Computing
  • Signal Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Music Information Retrieval
  • Composition

Key publications are highlighted


Braund, E. Venkatesh, S. and Miranda, E.R., (2019). PhyBox: A Programmable Interface for Physarum polycephalum-based Memristors. International Journal of Unconventional Computing.

Miranda, E.R., Braund, E. and Venkatesh, S., (2018). Composing with Biomemristors: Is Biocomputing the New Technology of Computer Music?. Computer Music Journal, 42(3), pp.28-46.


Venkatesh, S., Braund, E., & Miranda, E. R., (2019). A Nonlinear Approach to Generate Creative Data using Physarum polycephalum-based Memristors." In Slime Mould in Arts and Architecture. River Publishers.