Sarah Stevenson

Sarah Stevenson

Manager, Futures Entrepreneurship Centre

Futures Enterprise Centre - Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Business)


Manager of the Futures Centre for Entrepreneurship, with additional responsibility for the creation and delivery of entrepreneurial extra-curricular opportunities for students in Plymouth Business School. Providing opportunities and supporting the development of Social Enterprise in the University and beyond. 



2016  Postgraduate Certificate In Research Methodology - Merit.  

BSc (Hons) Tourism Management.  I graduated from the University of Plymouth (Seale Hayne) in 1997

After graduation in 1997 I was employed as the Tourism Officer for East Devon District Council.  In 2001 I joined Cosmic a social enterprise based in Ottery St Mary where I held a number of posts, including Operations Manager and from 2009 until I joined the University in 2011, manager of an ESF funded project specialising in the development of Leadership in Social Enterprise.

Roles on external bodies

Member of the Plymouth Social Enterprise Network Executive Committee

Grants & contracts

ESRC Festival ofSocial Science 2016 “Treasure Chest 500 Using creativity and innovationto enable young people to bring socially enterprising solutions to the businessworld”. 8th November 2016

Beaumont,E., Preedy,S and Stevenson, S. (2015) - Enterprise Educators UK's Enterprise Education andResearch Project Fund - ‘Exploring the ‘missing perspective’- using the studentperspective to measure the impact of Enterprise Education’. Value -£4,000

ESRC Festival ofSocial Science 2015 "Social enterprise in the context of a new nationalpost-election policy" 10th November 2015.

Case Studies:

Maas, G.J.P.,Reynolds, J. and Stevenson, S. March2015.  Case study: PlymouthAssociation of Primary Heads CIC. Research undertaken for PAPH CIC. 21pages. Research sponsored by PAPH CIC

Conference Papers:

Beaumont, E., Preedy, S., and Stevenson, S.(2016)Extracurricular enterprise activities inHE, students’ perceptions of their entrepreneurial behaviors, competencies andcapability. International for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference2016, in Paris, 27th – 28th October 2016.

Beaumont, E., Preedy, S., and Stevenson, S.(2016) Extra-curricular enterprise activities - exploring the ‘missingperspective’. International Enterprise Educators Conference 2016, in Liverpool,7-9thSeptember 2016.

Beaumont, E.,Preedy, S., and Stevenson, S. (2016) “What's in it for us?” –Student’sperceptions of the value and impact of extracurricularenterprise activities in HE. 3E Conference- ECSB EntrepreneurshipEducation Conference, in Leeds, 11-13th May 2016.

Beaumont, E.,Stevenson, S. and Almond, J. (2015) Plymouth Entrepreneurial Alumni SupportInitiative (PEASI) – Building Supporting relationships between entrepreneurialalumni and students. IEEC 2015 Annual Conference

Duckett, H.,Whisker, P and Stevenson, S, (2013) Student Entrepreneurship as a VirtuousCycle of Value Creation Through Community Engagement. Society for Teaching andLearning in Higher Education, Annual Conference, Learning to LiveLearning for Life, Cape Breton,20-22 June

Hurth, V.;Stevenson, S. (2013)   'Co-curricular cross discipline businesssustainability education: filling an untapped demand' Vice-Chancellors Teachingand Learning Conference, Plymouth University 28 June

Duckett, H.,Whisker, P and Stevenson, S, (2013) Developing the Student Enterprise Mind Setthrough Multi-Partner Work-Based Learning.  EFMD EntrepreneurshipConference, Madrid, 4-5 March

Duckett, H; Whisker,P and Stevenson, S. (2012) Inspiring futures through multi-partner work basedlearning interventions. IEEC 2012 Annual Conference, September 14th,Plymouth University

Duckett, H; Whisker,P and Stevenson, S. (2012) Inspiring futures through multi-partner work basedlearning interventions. Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching and Learning Conference,Plymouth University 6th July

Other academic activities

Particular interest and experience in:-

  • Social Enterprise
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Gender
  • Social Audit & Accounting
  • Social Media
  • Digital Engagement
  • Leadership Development