Miss Sarah Kappel

Miss Sarah Kappel

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Trevarthen AC, Kappel S, Roberts C, Finnegan EM, Paul ES, Planas-Sitjà I, Mendl MT & Fureix C 2019 'Measuring affect-related cognitive bias: Do mice in opposite affective states react differently to negative and positive stimuli?' PLOS ONE 14, (12) e0226438-e0226438 , DOI Open access
Lecorps B, Kappel S, Weary DM & von Keyserlingk MAG 2019 'Social proximity in dairy calves is affected by differences in pessimism' PLOS ONE 14, (10) e0223746-e0223746 , DOI Open access
Harvey ND, Moesta A, Kappel S, Wongsaengchan C, Harris H, Craigon PJ & Fureix C 2019 'Could Greater Time Spent Displaying Waking Inactivity in the Home Environment Be a Marker for a Depression-Like State in the Domestic Dog?' Animals 9, (7) 420-420 , DOI Open access
Lecorps B, Kappel S, Weary DM & von Keyserlingk MAG 2018 'Dairy calves' personality traits predict social proximity and response to an emotional challenge' Scientific Reports 8, Author Site , DOI Open access
Kappel S, Hawkins P & Mendl M 2017 'To Group or Not to Group? Good Practice for Housing Male Laboratory Mice' Animals 7, (12) 88-88 , DOI Open access
Kappel S, Mendl MT, Barrett DC, Murrell JC & Whay HR 2017 'Lateralized behaviour as indicator of affective state in dairy cows' PLoS ONE 12, (9) e0184933-e0184933 , DOI Open access