Miss Sarah Kappel

Miss Sarah Kappel

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Sarah K, Oceane S, Emily F & Carole F (2021) 'Learning from lockdown - Assessing the positive and negative experiences, and coping strategies of researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic' Applied Animal Behaviour Science 236, 105269-105269 , DOI
Trevarthen AC, Kappel S, Roberts C, Finnegan EM, Paul ES, Planas-Sitjà I, Mendl MT & Fureix C (2019) 'Measuring affect-related cognitive bias: Do mice in opposite affective states react differently to negative and positive stimuli?' PLOS ONE 14, (12) e0226438-e0226438 , DOI Open access
Lecorps B, Kappel S, Weary DM & von Keyserlingk MAG (2019) 'Social proximity in dairy calves is affected by differences in pessimism' PLOS ONE 14, (10) e0223746-e0223746 , DOI Open access
Harvey ND, Moesta A, Kappel S, Wongsaengchan C, Harris H, Craigon PJ & Fureix C (2019) 'Could Greater Time Spent Displaying Waking Inactivity in the Home Environment Be a Marker for a Depression-Like State in the Domestic Dog?' Animals 9, (7) 420-420 , DOI Open access
Lecorps B, Kappel S, Weary DM & von Keyserlingk MAG (2018) 'Dairy calves' personality traits predict social proximity and response to an emotional challenge' Scientific Reports 8, Author Site , DOI Open access
Kappel S, Hawkins P & Mendl M (2017) 'To Group or Not to Group? Good Practice for Housing Male Laboratory Mice' Animals 7, (12) 88-88 , DOI Open access
Kappel S, Mendl MT, Barrett DC, Murrell JC & Whay HR (2017) 'Lateralized behaviour as indicator of affective state in dairy cows' PLoS ONE 12, (9) e0184933-e0184933 , DOI Open access