Dr Samantha Walker

Dr Samantha Walker

Research Assistant

School of Law, Criminology and Government (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Research Assistant


BSc Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies at Plymouth University, 2008 - 2011

MSc Social Research at Plymouth University, 2011 - 2012
PhD Criminology at Keele University, 2012 - Present

Research interests

Samantha has a broad range of research interests spanning the fields of criminology and sociology. 

Samantha's current doctoral research (Keele University) is titled 'De-culturalising honour and violence: exploring ‘victims’’ experiences of ‘honour’-based violence in rural England'. This research is an interdisciplinary study within the fields of criminology and sociology, with an emphasis on intersectionality and the accommodation of both gender and culture in policies designed to eradicate interfamilial and community based violence against women. By re-evaluating notions of 'honour', this research aims to de-culturalise particular forms of violence against women and to resituate them within a broader frame work of gendered violence.   

Other research

Former Research assistant on the following projects: 

2015: 'Female Victimisation in the Night Time Economy' P.I. Dr. Oliver Smith, Plymouth University. 

2012: 'Religion and Equal Opportunities Policies: The Gay Marriage Debate', P.I. Dr Alison Green, Glyndŵr University; Dr. Adrian Barton, Plymouth University and Dr. Nick Johns, Cardiff University

2011: 'Exploring Prejudice: Mapping Hate Crime in the South West' P.I. Dr, Zoe James, Plymouth University, and Dr. Lesley Simmonds, Plymouth University.