Miss Samantha Blampied

Miss Samantha Blampied

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Born in Jersey to a maritime orientated family, I spent most of my youth around the shores of Jersey learning about the marine environment and the species which live there. My connections to both marine organisations and fisheries management led me onto a PhD with the University of Plymouth as part of the Team Sheehan research group (https://sheehanresearchgroup.com/) in which I have worked closely with both governments and NGOs to collect data on Marine Protected Areas. This has afforded me a great deal of insight into the management of fisheries in Jersey and how human activities can alter marine biodiversity.

Research interests

Since 2018 I have been researching the impact of two new Marine Protected Areas on the biodiversity and socio-economics of Jersey's marine environments and fisheries through the use of towed videos, baited videos, diver surveys, potting studies, grab surveys and fisher interviews.