Saloni Atal

Saloni Atal

Research Fellow in Digital Health Innovation and Networking

Peninsula Medical School (Faculty of Health)



Saloni is a Research Fellow in Digital Health Innovation & Networking. She trained in social, cultural and community psychology, ultimately earning a PhD in Social Psychology at the University of Cambridge (2017-21). Her research is motivated by a commitment to global public health and international development with particular interests in women's health and digital mental health. She currently spends her time studying the digital health innovation ecosystem in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (CIoS) as part of the ERDF-funded EPIC-2 project. Using social network analysis, her research aims to identify the social drivers of innovation in a rural, peripheral economy context such as CIoS. She also works on the Inerreg-funded HAIRE project which aims to identify social innovations to support the psychological well-being of older adults in rural parts of the UK and Europe. In addition to academic research, she also supports gender-related monitoring, evaluation and impact assessments for health and development projects targeted at women, particularly women in India where she was raised.


Saloni earned her PhD in Social Psychology (2017-21) at the University of Cambridge as a Gates scholar. Prior to her PhD, she completed the MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology (2015-16) at Cambridge with Distinction and her Bachelor's degree in Psychology (2012-15) at the University of Hong Kong with First Class Honours. 




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