Dr Russell Shobrook

Dr Russell Shobrook

Lecturer in Post-16 Education & Training

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)


Programme Leader and Lecturer for the PGCE Diploma in Education and Training

PGCE/Cert Ed (Inc DET) Partnership Coordinator 
Member of the Faculty Research Ethics committee
Member of the Faculty Academic Offences panel
Member of the Faculty Professional Issues committee
Member of the Voice, Inclusion and Participation research cluster
Member of the Social Policy research Cluster
Member of the Military Education Committee


PhD Education: The development of the RN Habitus 2017

Master of Arts Degree (Education)                             2009         

ABNLP Certified NLP and Hypnosis practitioner        2007

BA (Hons) Education and Training                             2005

Certificate of Education-PCET                                   2003

Professional membership

Member of the European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning

Member of the Society of Education and Training
Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS)

Roles on external bodies

Chief External Examiner for PGCE/Cert Ed ((inc DET) Programmes at Greenwich University

Teaching interests

My teaching interests range from PGCE Diploma Education and Training to the sociological aspects of Military training. I have recently compled a PhD, titled 'Greenies, Growlers and Goffers: The development of the Royal Navy habitus' looking from a Bourdieusian perspective at the experiences of Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel. I have a particular interest in mentoring and coaching and have worked with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines developing these approaches in their training programmes.

Staff serving as external examiners

Chief External Examiner PGCE/Cert Ed (Inc DET) University of Greenwich

Research interests

I am a part-time PhD student. The theme of my PhD is how Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel experience the change from civilian to military personnel and back again. The theoretical framework is influenced  by the work of Bourdieu. Within the ethnographic methodology, I have used a Wengraf's biographical narrative interpretive approach to data collection.  

I am also interested in the relational aspects of sociological theories and their impact on Initial Teacher Education. 

Shobrook, R (2010) Arguments for the Continuation of Education within the Royal Navy in  ITEMS: The Journal of Royal Navy Training Management. RN:Portsmouth
Shobrook, R. (2011) The Two Rs of Mentoring: Listening to the mentors of trainee teachers. in Teaching in Lifelong Learning Vol 3 Iss 1 pp40-51
Shobrook, R. (2016) Education for Sustainable Development: That’s Exciting-Taking ‘Exciting’ back to its originalmeaning of initiating action in Cutting,R. Summers, D (2016) Education for Sustainable Development in Further Education. Palgrave: London

Reports & invited lectures

Shobrook, R. (2010) Mentoring in ITE PCET-UCETT Annual Conference

Shobrook, R. (2010) Improving mentoring in ITE-EAPRIL Conference, Lisbon

Shobrook, R. (2014) Experiences of PhD study to Plymouth University EdD students

Shobrook, R. (2014) Introduction to Biographical Narratives as a data collection method Plymouth University Post-Graduate conference

Shobrook, R. (2014) Workshop on researcher positionality-EAPRIL Conference, Nicosia

Shobrook R. (2015) The Royal NavyHabitus: Developing an identity in a military organisation. Presentation at the2015 EAPRIL Conference: Beval, Luxembourg.

Shobrook, R. (2016) Pub PhD: Howdo people experience the transition from civilian to Royal Navy personnel?

Shobrook, R. (2017) Experiences of PhD study-Plenary session. Plymouth University Post-Graduate conference 

Other academic activities

I have extensive experience in Military eduction and training in terms of policy development, schemes of work (IPSEC) and Instructor development.