Dr Rowena Passy

Dr Rowena Passy

Senior Research Fellow in Post Primary Educational Development

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)


Undertaking research in education in collaboration with colleagues within the university and more widely, and disseminating the results through seminars, conferences and publications.


BA (Hons) History and Society with European Study (University of Exeter, 1997)

PhD 'Children and Family Values: a critical appraisal of 'family' in schools' (University of Plymouth, 2003)

2003- 2008 Research Fellow on different projects including:
    Evaluation of On the Edge and A Present For Anna, Theatre in Education programmes funded at Exeter University by The Wellcome Trust
    ESRC-funded project at Leicester and De Montfort Universities Workforce remodelling, teacher trade unions and school-based industrial relations

2008-10 Senior Research Officer at the National Foundation for Educational Research, Slough, working on a wide range of research projects that included an evaluation of Aimhigher, the impact of school gardens on children's learning, and researching teaching approaches that help to build resilience to extremism.

2010 - present Research Follow at Plymouth University

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
Passy RA 0 'Teacher trainees and school placements: fitting in and keeping busy' Plymouth University Vice-Chancellor's Conference Plymouth University 09/07/2012 09/07/2012
Passy RA 0 'Teacher training in England: the importance of relationships' Research and Practice in Professinoal Development, Training and Transfer of Learning Western Washington University 17/04/2012 17/04/2012
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Internet Publications
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