Dr Robert Newbery

Dr Robert Newbery

Visiting Research Fellow

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business




Robert is an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Development at Plymouth University and has worked extensively in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. He has founded and run a number of entrepreneurial businesses. He has a PhD, an MSc, MBA and BSc. and is a member of the Institute of Small Business & Enterprise, and the Regional Studies Association.

Robert is the deputy Director of the Service and Enterprise Research Centre and pursues research in various areas, including: rural entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial wellbeing, and entrepreneurial education in developing contexts.

He is currently leading a team with Plymouth University, Duchy College and the Farm Shop Trust in Kenya supporting a large Comic Relief project.


PhD The role and performance of local business associations in rural service centres
Master of Rural Social Science
Master of Business Administration
Bachelor Applied Software Engineering

Professional membership

Associate of the Centre for Rural Economy (CRE)
Member of the British Academy of Management (BAM)
Member of the Institute of Small Business and Enterprise (ISBE)
Member of the Regional Studies Association (MRSA)

Roles on external bodies

Member of the advisor panel for "Trickle out project Africa": http://trickleout.net/

Member of the review board for theInternational Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research



Teaching interests

BSO202: Enterprise & Innovation (Module leader)
BSO210: Entrepreneurship
BSO229: Shaping the Future
BSO314: Enterprise Creation (Module leader)
BUS313: Entrepreneurial Studies (Module leader)
BMG303 Hong Kong: Strategic Management - Theory and Practice (Module leader)
MBM: Entrepreneurship and Development

Programme manager for BSc (Hons) Business Enterprise



Research interests

I am interested specifically in micro-business, local business associations and rural small towns, and more broadly in the areas of rural business communities, home-based business, entrepreneurship and collective action.



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Newbery RL, Sauer J, Gorton M, Phillipson J & Atterton J (2013) 'Determinants of the Performance of Business Associations in rural settlements in the United Kingdom: an analysis of members’ satisfaction and willingness-to-pay for association survival' Environment and Planning A 45, (4) 967-985 , DOI
Newbery R & Bosworth G (2010) 'Home-based business sectors in the rural economy' Society and Business Review 5, (2) 183-197 , DOI
Newbery RL, Atterton J, Bosworth G & Affleck A (2011) 'Rural enterprise and neo-endogenous development' in Alsos GA; Carter S; Ljunggren E; Welter F The Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship in Agriculture and Rural Development Edward Elgar Publishing Limited 256-280


Other academic activities

Conference papers

Haddoud, M. and Newbery, R. (2014) The impact of Government Export Promotion programmes on firms’ export performance and initiation: the case of the UK, ISBE Conference, Manchester. Winner of Best Paper in International Business and Best Paper in Conference

Bosworth, G. and Newbery,R. (2014) Rural Home-Based Business, ESRC symposium on Home-Based Business,Middlesex University

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