Dr Robert Belshaw

Dr Robert Belshaw

Associate Professor in Genomics

School of Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)


Ph.D. (Biology) Imperial College London

M.Sc.(Bioarchaeology) University College London

B.Sc.(I) and M.Sc. (Zoology) University of Manchester

Professional membership

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Teaching interests

2014 – 2017. Emmanuel Atangana Maze: Endogenous Retroviruses as Immunotherapy Targets – Director of Studies
2015 – present. Hujaz Alqirbi: In vitro characterization of a low-fidelity ‘mutator’ CMV as an added level of control for CMV vaccines – Co-Supervisor
2016 – present. Bora Agit: Endogenous Retroviral proteins as potential drug targets for Merlin-deficient tumours – Co-Supervisor
2016 – present. Roxane Dunbar: Active human retrotransposons and disease – Co-Supervisor

2016 – present. Randa Ali: LINE-1 elements: Genomic distribution and potential contribution to brain related disorders – Co-Supervisor

Bioinformatics – Programme Lead
Medical Genomics and Personalised Medicine – Lecturer
Molecular Biology: Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics – Lecturer
Project Design and Development – Lecturer

Clinical Microbiology (2nd year) – Lecturer
Current Developments in Biomedical Science (3rd year) – Lecturer

Research interests

The proteins that make up our body are coded for by less than 2% of our genome sequence. Around half of the remaining 98% is made up of the remains of genomic parasites: pieces of DNA that copy themselves to new locations, often causing damage as they do so. Some of these genomic parasites are called endogenous retroviruses (ERVs). My research prior to moving to Plymouth had centred on finding out what controls the spread and proliferation of ERVs in host genomes, and also trying to discover if they were replicating in the human population today. Here at Plymouth I am concentrating on the possible roles of ERVs in human disease and therapy. For example, they appear to be contributing to Merlin-deficient tumour proliferation and might offer a good drug target here. They might even turn out to be useful: although generally silenced in our cells, this control breaks down in many cancers leading to viral proteins being produced on the surface of cells. If we could use these proteins as a target for cell killing by manufactured antibodies or engineered patient T-cells, it would open up a promising new line of therapy. We are also examining the extent to which ERVs are interacting with the innate immune system, with implications for autoimmune/inflammatory disease and vaccine design.

Grants & contracts

2009 – 2013. Principal Investigator, Wellcome Trust, "The Evolution and Present Day Activity of Endogenous Retroviruses". £383,000.
2014 – 2015. Co-Investigator, Action on Hearing Loss, "Endogenous Retroviral proteins as potential immunotherapy and/or drug targets for Merlin-deficient tumours treatment and their role in vestibular neuroma development." £5,000.
2016 – 2019. Co-Investigator, Action Medical Research, "The role of endogenous retroviral proteins in the development of Merlin-deficient tumours and their as potential as drug and immunotherapy targets." £65,000.
2016 – 2018. Project Lead, Plymouth University PedRIO award (Pedagogic Research and Teaching Innovation Fund), "From OncoSim to OncoWiki: evaluating OncoSim's educational effectiveness." £8,500.
2017 – 2021. Participant, EU Horizon 2020, "Integrated platform for brain cancer diagnostic techniques (AiPBAND)." €3,700,000.
2018 – 2019. Project Lead, Plymouth University Medical School Education Awards, "OncoWiki: an interactive approach to teaching cancer genomics." £4,800.

Key publications are highlighted

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