Dr Richard Cullen

Dr Richard Cullen

Visiting Technical Fellow

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



As a Lecturer and the Senior Technician in charge of the Composites Manufacturing laboratory I am responsible for day to day running of the lab and provide practical teaching support for the composite modules that utilise the facility. My role also entails guiding students through their final year projects, often involving novel approaches and solutions to manufacturing problems.


BEng(Hons) - Composite Materials Engineering

PhD - Air permeability of balsa core, and its influence on defect formation in resin infused sandwich laminates

Since joining the university in 1999 to study, then spending 2001 as a placement student within ACMC Richard has been involved in teaching and consultancy. Richard has also been involved in running and designing CPD courses for industry at all levels. 

With the completion of his PhD in 2014 Richard is now responsible for running the ACMC laboratory in Brune Laboratories.

Prior to joining the University of Plymouth, Richard has spent time in the RAF, running a family model shop business (where many skills were learnt relevant to his current role), and running his own automotive security business. 



Teaching interests

MATS349 Composites design and Manufacture

Composites Manufacture using LRTM, Autoclave/oven cure pre-pregs, Resin Infusion, and Hand lamination techniques.

Mechanical testing and analysis of composites.



Research interests

Design and manufacture using thermoset composite materials

Materials characterisation

Effect of core permeability and porosity on the resin infusion process




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