Mr Piers Von Berg

Mr Piers Von Berg

Lecturer in Law

School of Law, Criminology and Government (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

Lecturer in Law

Academic Liaison for Partner Colleges (ALP)
Creative lead with Centre for Sustainable Futures


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Doctoral candidate (final year), Institute of Education, University College London
Barrister in Law, called to the Bar at Gray's Inn, 2009
Graduate Diploma in Law, City University, 2007
Master of Arts (Hons), International Relations, University of St Andrews, 2000

Professional background:
2010-2017 Barrister at 36 Bedford Row, London specialising in administrative and family law 
2007-2009 City Law School, London and internship at the Special Court of Sierra Leone, The Hague
2000-2006 Project manager with international development NGOs in Azerbaijan (IFES)

Professional membership

36 Group barristers' chambers, London  
Association for Citizenship Teaching 
Honourable Society of Gray's Inn
Howard League for Penal Reform 
National Association of Youth Justice 
Society for Research into Higher Education 

Roles on external bodies

Independent Governor, The Learning Institute, Roche, Cornwall. 2020 to date ( 

Teaching interests

1. Public Law (module lead) 
2. Human Rights 
3. Contemporary Legal and Human Rights Issues (module lead)
4. Dispute Resolution Skills
5. Dissertation

Research interests

I specialise in youth justice, citizenship and civic education. I am interested in the lived experience of young people and how they exercise their rights. This arises from working with young people in various contexts over the past 15 years from marginalised communities in Azerbaijan and Central Asia, to representing children in the criminal and family courts in UK.  

1. In youth justice, I take a multidisciplinary approach, using public and criminal law and policy, to desk-based research of the treatment of child suspects and defendants in the youth justice system. 

I organised a symposium in November 2018 on the obstacles and opportunities to obtaining best evidence from child suspects in police custody. Leading researchers in the fields of law, psychology and policing from the UK and Belgium as well as lawyers and police from Devon attended. A report on the research presented and ideas discussed can be found here  

2. In citizenship and civic education, I take an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on sociology, psychology and political science, to investigate young people’s experience of citizenship using qualitative and participatory methodologies. I am interested in using research to inform pedagogical innovation using methodologies and approaches such as critical reflection (Mezirow 1990, 1991) and forum theatre (Boal 2002). 

Other research

I am completing a Doctorate in Education at the Institute of Education, UCL. My research focuses on the experience of citizenship among undergraduate students and what pedagogical innovations can help foster citizenship education at a UK university. 

Grants & contracts

Foreign and Commonwealth Office, June 2005, Project Manager at IFES Azerbaijan (technical assistance project to municipalities in Azerbaijan)

British Council, June 2005, Project Manager at IFES Azerbaijan (as above)
USAID, February 2004, Project writer and researcher at Save the Children (community based care for vulnerable and marginalised children in Azerbaijan)
Gray's Inn Award for Legal Training in Europe 2008 (to support internship at Special Court of Sierra Leone)

Creative practice & artistic projects

I have completed Masters' classes in Forum Theatre with Cardboard Citizens. I am interested in ways in which this can be incorporated into pedagogical practice. 


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Von Berg, P. (2014). ‘Children, Young Persons and Juveniles’, ‘Remedies’ (with Ball, D), ‘The Police’ (with Taylor, R), ‘Magistrates’ Courts’ (with Parkes, S) in von Berg, P (ed) Criminal Judicial Review. London: Hart Publishing.

Von Berg, P (2004). ‘Civic Education and Young People in Azerbaijan: results and implications’, in Papoutsaki, V and Zurabishvili, T (eds), Caucasus Higher Education in Transition. Tbilisi: Civic Education Project, Caucasus.

Von Berg, P (2002). ‘A Question of Method: Challenges of Teaching in Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan’, in Salem, A (ed), A Question of Method: teaching social sciences at post-soviet universities. Budapest and Washington DC: Civic Education Project.

Conference Papers

'Academics as citizenship educators: insights from an ongoing action research project’, Early Careers Researchers Conference, Society for Research into Higher Education, 10 December 2019. 

'A right to a fair trial in police custody', Vulnerability, Justice and Communication conference, Centre for Forensic Interviewing, University of Portsmouth, 17 May 2019. 

'Exploring the development of a hybrid synthetic meaning of citizenship at a British university law school', Higher Education Close Up, University of Cape Town, 15-16 November 2018. 

'Left to figure it out for themselves: the formation of a hybrid or synthetic civic identity among undergraduate students at a university in the UK', International Conference on Education and Democratic Citizenship, Institute of Education, UCL, 15 June 2018.

'Formation of identity and individualisation among undergraduate law students', Exploring the Civic Curriculum, Leeds Institute of Teaching Excellence, University of Leeds, 9 June 2017.

'Police interviews of child suspects: neglected in a time of change'. Justice and Penal Reform: Re-shaping the penal landscape, Howard League for Penal Reform, Keble College, Oxford, 16–18 March 2016.

Internet Publications


Von Berg, P. (2013). ‘Disclosure of Criminal Records’, The Justice Gap. Available from:

Von Berg, P. (2010). ‘Unlawful detention by Magistrates’ Courts – a test case in waiting?’ JD Supra. Available from:


Harris, R, Bath, C, Bevan, M, Huang, C, Laver, L and von Berg, P. (2019). 'Obtaining best evidence from child suspects in police custody: challenges and opportunities'. A report on a symposium held at the University of Plymouth on 30 November 2018. (Available on request). 

Reports & invited lectures

Invited panel chair and speaker, Vulnerability, Justice and Communication conference, Centre of Forensic Interviewing, University of Portsmouth, 16-17 May 2019. Panel: 'Safeguards and Suspects'. Paper: 'A Right to a Fair Trial in Police Custody?' 

Invited speaker, Co-Creating Best Practice in the Criminal Justice System conference, Department of Psychology and Centre of Excellence in Learning, Bournemouth University, 1 March 2018. Paper: 'Barriers to effective juvenile suspect interviewing in the UK'.

Invited speaker with Dr Kate Gooch, Re-thinking Youth Justice, British Society of Criminology, University of Leicester, 25 April 2017. Paper: 'Re-thinking children in police custody'. 

Conferences organised

Lead organiser/project manager unless otherwise stated:

Student Action Committee National Forum, Baku, Azerbaijan, June 2005.
Democracy Training Camp (teacher training event), Sheki, Azerbaijan, April 2005. 
Democracy Training Camp (teacher training event), Sheki, Azerbaijan, April 2004.
Regional Youth Forum, Ganja, Azerbaijan, July 2003. 
National Youth Forum, Baku, Azerbaijan, June 2003.
Caucasus Regional Debate Forum, Georgia, February 2003 (session lead).
International Debate Educational Association, Annual Debate Forum, Slovakia, June 2002 (session lead and coordinating committee).
National Youth Forum, Baku, Azerbaijan, June 2002.
Caucasus Regional Debate Forum, Tbilisi, Georgia, February 2002 (session lead).
International Debate Educational Association, Annual Debate Forum, St Petersburg, Russia, June 2001 (session lead).
Model United Nations Conflict Resolution Workshop, Samarkand, Uzbekistan, June 2001 (coordinator). 
Model United Nations on the Human Rights of Minorities, Osh State University, Osh, Kyrgyzstan, May 2001.