Dr Philip Gibson

Dr Philip Gibson

Visiting Research Fellow

Plymouth Business School (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning
Fellow of the Centre for Professional Placement Learning
Module leader BSc Hospitality and Cruise Management and MSc Tourism and Hospitality programmes.


FIH, CertEd, MEd, PhD.

Philip has extensive service industry management experience in hotels, in-flight catering, cruise ships, ferry travel and licensed retail. He has considerable lecturing experience in a range of subjects.

Professional membership

Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality
Vice-Chair Cruise Research Society

Roles on external bodies

2007-8 Member of the Maritime Hospitality Management Steering Group Merchant Navy Training Board



Teaching interests

The Cruise Industry. Global issues for Hospitality and Tourism. Qualitative research. Strategic Management for Hospitality. Service Quality for Hospitality and Tourism. Licensed Retail.

Staff serving as external examiners

2007 onwards: Fd Culinary Arts Westminster Kingsway LSBU



Research interests

The cruise industry,

Case studies for the Cruise Industry,

Work placement and the Cruise Industry,

Situated learning,

The circumstantial curriculum: an integrated theory of learning as applied to vocational contexts,

Strategic Management: Hospitality, pricing and the Internet.

Grants & contracts

2008 £6,000 funded research project ' Students’ experiences of international placement: an e-support approach' Philip Gibson & Graham Busby awarded by CEPPL CETL   

2009 £4875 Teaching Fellowship with Dr Wai Mun Lim ‘co-create value with business enterprises via curriculum development’ for the hospitality curriculum.

2010 £1000 – extension to the CEPPL project: ‘Cruise Management, work experience and employability’.




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Reports & invited lectures

Gibson, P. And Nell, J. (2003) ‘Professional Development and Hotel Services on Cruise Ships’ Cruise and Ferry Conference May 2003, (un-refereed paper).

Gibson, P. (2007). Resource guide in cruise management. from http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/assets/hlst/documents/resource_guides/cruise_management_resguide.pdf

Gibson, P. (2007). Understanding the Norovirus: a guide for managers. Institute of Hospitality Management Guides.

Visiting Lecturer: University of Applied Science Bremerhaven (2007)

Visting Lecturer: University of West Indies (Barbados) (2008/9)

Conferences organised

2nd International Cruise Conference, University of Plymouth 18th to 20th Feb 2010.