Professor Philip Dyke

Professor Philip Dyke

Professor of Applied Mathematics

School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Professor of Applied Mathematics.


BSc Mathematics (First, University of London)

PhD Coastal Sea Modelling, (University of Reading)



1972-1974 Research Fellow in Applied Mathematics, University of East Anglia.

1974-1982 Lecturer in Offshore Engineering, Heriot-Watt University.

1982-1984 Principal Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Sunderland Polytechnic.

1984-1985 Principal Lecturer in Mathematics, Plymouth Polytechnic

1985-2003 Head of Department of Mathematics and Statistics

1993- Appointed Professor of Applied Mathematics.

1995-1999 Appointed Associate Dean (Quality and Standards) of Faculty of Technology, 

1999-2003 Appointed Associate Dean (Graduate School) of Faculty of Technology, 

2003-2007 Head of School of Computing, Communications and Electronics

Professional membership

Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications;

Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society;

Member of the London Mathematical Society;

Roles on external bodies

Conference of Professors of Applied Mathematics -- member of steering committee (1998 -- date)

Teaching interests

History of Mathematics including applied mathematics, physics and applied physical sciences; multiple integrals, Fourier series and Laplace transforms; Modelling Marine Processes.

Research interests

Mathematical models in geophysical fluid dynamics using exact solutions to differential equations.  Natural ventilation problems using classical fluid mechanics.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

supervised 16 PhD and 3 MPhil students

Papers (Recent) [42 published, 1971 – 2004]

P P G DYKE (2005) Wave trapping and flow around an irregular near circular island in a stratified sea.

Ocean Dynamics 55 pp 238 - 247.

N Jamal, J I Allen, M N Moore, P P G Dyke and S Davies (2005) Role of Autophagy and Programmed Cell Death (PCD) in Maintenance of Fish Liver Function During Stress, (submitted to Marine Environmental Research and presented at PRIMO 13, Alessandria, Italy 19th - 22nd June 2005).

A McVeigh, M N Moore, J I Allen and P P G Dyke (2006) Lysosomal responses to Nutritional and Contaminant Stress in Mussel Hepatopancreatic Digestive Cells: A Modelling Study Marine Environmental Research 62 (Supplement) S433 - S438.  Presented at PRIMO 13, Alessandria, Italy 19th - 22nd June 2005.
P P G DYKE (2007)  Group Projects in Mathematics. Mathematics Today, 43, pp 19 - 24.
P P G DYKE (2007)  A History of Jonsmod 1981 - 2006,  Ocean Dynamics, 57, 239 - 244.
P P G DYKE (2007)  Modeling Coastal and Offshore Processes, 412pp. Imperial College Press/World Scientific Press.
P P G DYKE (2007)(ed) Papers from Jonsmod 2006, Ocean Dynamics, 57, pp 237 - 499.
H CHEN and P P G DYKE (2007)  An Example of Non-Linear Time Series Modelling using the System Identification Method, Proceedings of the Second IMA Conference on Flood Risk, University of Plymouth,  4th -5th September 2007, pages 177 - 185.

P P G DYKE & A McVEIGH (2009) A SimpleComputational Model of Digestion in the Marine Mussel  Applied Mathematical Modelling 33, pp 783 - 796.

N Jamal, J I Allen, M N Moore, P P G Dyke and SDavies (2009) A Conceptual Model of Fish Liver Cell Involving CellularPathways (submitted)

P P G DYKE (2010) An Introduction to Discrete Mathematics, Chapter 6 of Modern Engineering Mathematics (4th Edition, ed: Glyn James) pp 417 - 465, Pearson UK HPE.

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P P G DYKE (2014) An Introduction to Laplace Transforms and Fourier Series, (Second Edition) 321pp Springer UK

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H CHEN and P P G DYKE (2015) Modelling and Prediction of Stock Price Dynamics using System Identification Methodology based on a Popularly Used Technique Analysis Data.  In:  Proceedings of SAI Intelligent Systems Conference November 10-11, 2015 London UK. 5pp.

P P G DYKE (2016) Modelling Coastal and Marine Processes 614pp. Imperial College Press (A 2nd much modified edition of the 2007 publication Modeling Coastal and Offshore Processes).

P P G DYKE (2017) Two and Three Dimensional Calculus 365pp. John Wiley (to be published).

Additional information

Since 2008 carer for Heather Dyke who has Behavioural Variant Frontotemporal Dementia.