Mr Phil Grove

Mr Phil Grove

Lecturer and SME in Strategic Studies (Education)

BRNC (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Books The Royal Navy in the Nuclear Age (I B Tauris) completing November 2016 The Royal Navy: A History Since 1900 (with Duncan Redford) (I B Tauris) March 2014 Turning the Tide: The Battles of Coral Sea and Midway (University of Plymouth Press) April 2013 The Battle of Midway, (Brassey’s), August 2004 The Sea War (with Mark J Grove & Alastair Finlan), (Osprey Publishing), August 2002 Book Contributions Naval Operations Since the End of the Cold War, in Conrad Waters ed., Navies in the 21st Century (Seaforth) October 2016 Naval Manning and Training Since the End of the Cold War in Conrad Waters ed., Navies in the 21st Century (Seaforth) October 2016 Vaagso and Lofoton Raids, in Tristan Lovering ed., Amphibious Operations: Manoeuvre from the Sea (Seafarer Books) 2007 The Falklands Air War: A Reappraisal in The Falklands Conflict Twenty Years on: Lessons for the Future, Rob Havers, Mark J Grove & Stephen Badsey eds., (Frank Cass), 2005 Contributions to The Second World War: A World in Flames, Max Hastings ed., (Osprey Publishing), March 2004 Journals A Re-appraisal of Argentine Air Power, The Naval Review, November 2004 Counterfactual Carrier Aircraft, The Naval Review, October 2002 Naming Naval Aircraft, The Naval Review, October 2001

Reports & invited lectures

Conference Papers Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku%2c Imperial Japanese Navy – Politician%2c Victim of Villain at the Seapower and Statesmen Conference%2c Portsmouth%2c National Museum for the Royal Navy %28April 2015%29 British Seapower in an Age of Uncertainty%2c Britain and the Sea 3 Conference%2c Plymouth%2c University of Plymouth %28Sept 2014%29 The Royal Naval Air Service at the Naval Arms Race and the First World War Conference at Portsmouth%2c National Museum for the Royal Navy %28July 2014%29. The Failure of the European Axis Powers to Deploy Operational Aircraft Carriers in the Second World War at the Naval and Maritime Power in Two World Wars Conference%2c Greenwich Maritime Institute %28April 2014%29 From Cold War Warrior to the Arab Spring%2c A Personal Reflection of Twenty Years of Royal Naval Recruitment%2c Training and Education %28Press Gangs%2c Conscripts and Professionals%3a Recruiting the Royal Navy%2c at Portsmouth%2c National Museum for the Royal Navy%2c September 2013%29 Britain on the World Stage%3a The Lessons of Maritime Power Projection from the Falklands Campaign for Britain in the Twenty-First Century %28Navy and the Nation Conference%2c Greenwich%2c National Maritime Museum%2c July 2013%29 The Falklands Conflict%3a Power Projection Lessons 30 Years On %28Falklands 30th Anniversary Conference%2c at Portsmouth%2c National Museum for the Royal Navy%2c May 2012%29 Other Recent Papers/Presentations Jutland 100%2c HMS Vivid%2c Devonport%2c Plymouth %28March 2016%29 Asia’s 21st Century Naval Arms Race%2c Devon and Cornwall Joint Branch of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science %26 Technology and the Royal Institution of Naval Architects %28February 2016%29 Taranto 75%2c at HMS Vivid%2c Devonport%2c Plymouth %28November 2015%29 Taranto 75%2c 845 Sqn%2c RAF Benson%2c Oxfordshire %28November 2015%29 The Past%2c Present and Future of Maritime Power%2c South West Branch of The Nautical Institute%2c Corinthian Yacht Club%2c November 2014 The RN in the Nuclear Age%2c National Museum for the Royal Navy Naval Museum%2c Portsmouth %28July 2014%29 The Functions of Naval Power%2c HMS Flying Fox %28May 2014%29