Prof Peter Shears

Prof Peter Shears

Professor of Consumer Law and Policy

School of Law, Criminology and Government (Faculty of Business)


B.A. English Literature, Economics and Law (University of London 1973)

LL.B. (University of London 1978)

LL.M. (University of Georgia 1984)

Postgraduate Certificate in Radio, Film & Television Studies

(Department of Drama, University of Bristol 1974)

Roles on external bodies

EU Commission: Project 913 - Lebanon Consumer Protection, subject area expert in legislative drafting. Spring 2007

Office of Fair Trading: Consumer Education Alliance, Member January 2006; The

Council for Licensed Conveyancers: Council member (DTI nominated 1997 and re-nominated three times), Chairman of the Education Committee, Chairman of the Council 2003 – 05,

Teaching interests

Consumer, Trading, Marketing and Business Law

Staff serving as external examiners


External Examiner, and/or Adviser on Law Degree and other validation exercises: University of The West of England: External Examiner in Law (2004 - 09); University of Buckingham, St Mary’s University College, Staffordshire University, University of Newcastle, University of Central England: Chief External Examiner, Joint Degrees and Subject Area External Examiner in Business Law (2004 - 08), London Metropolitan University, University of Wales validated programme at CESINEC, Santander, Spain, University of Derby, University of Teesside, University of Brighton, De Montfort University, University of Northampton, University of Gloucestershire, University of Bournemouth, University of Glamorgan, Southampton Solent University, Coventry University, University of Central Lancashire

Research interests

Consumer, Trading, Marketing and Business Law - particularly comparative aspects: UK - US, EU - US


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