Dr Peter Cotton

Dr Peter Cotton

Associate Head of School (Marine Biology)

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Associate Head of School (Marine Biology)


BSc, University of Dundee (1987)
DPhil, University of Oxford (1993)
PGC LTHE, University of Plymouth (2001)
Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2016)

AFRC Research Assistant, University of Oxford (1991-1993)
NERC Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Oxford (1994-1996)
College Lecturer in Zoology, Pembroke College, University of Oxford (1997) 
Research Biologist, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (1998-2000)
Lecturer / Senior Lecturer, Unviversity of Plymouth (2000-present)

Professional membership

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour.
Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Teaching interests

In the first year I teach on MBIO120 Introduction to Marine Biology and on the MBIO123 Marine Biology Field Course to Brittany. I also teach about vertebrates and animal behaviour on MBIO121 Life on Earth, and mate choice on BIOL124PP Biology of Sex.

My second year teaching is largely field-based. I run the Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology field course in South Africa (MBIO213) which is usually in September. At the end of the year I'm involved a non-residential field course based at the marine station. This course covers experimental design, sampling from boats and statistical analysis of the data we collect (MBIO224).

In the third year I teach behavioural ecology (MBIO317) and supervise research projects (MBIO313).

I was the programme leader for BSc Marine Biology & Coastal Ecology for seven years, and now help Tony Knights to run the programme.

Staff serving as external examiners

External examiner for the University of St Andrews and the University of Malta.

Research interests

I am a behavioural ecologist and of late I have primarily worked on predator-prey interactions and contest behaviour. I'm also interested in community ecology and anthropogenic impacts on ecological assemblages and phenology.

Pete Cotton's page on Google Scholar.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Lisa Sztukowski. Individual foraging specialization and seabird fishery interactions: implications for albatross conservation. With Dr Steve Votier, University of Exeter, and Dr Henri Weimerskirch, CNRS, France. Funding: MARES. Complted 2016.

Julian Evans. PhD. habitat characterisation of infralittoral pebble beds in the Maltese islands. (Jointly supervised with Prof Martin Attrill & Prof Patrick Schembri, University of Malta). Funding: STEPS, Malta). Completed 2014.

Ahmed Al-Mazrouai, PhD. Phenotypic plasticity in marine intertidal gastropods. (Jointly supervised with Dr. S. Rundle). Funding: Sultanate of Oman. Completed 2009.

Sophie Mowles, PhD. Contest behaviour in hermit crabs. (Jointly supervised with Dr Mark Briffa). Funding: University of Plymouth Research Studentship. Completed 2009.

Sarah Dalesman, PhD. Anti-predator behaviour in the freshwater gastropod Lymnaea stagnalis. (Jointly supervised with Dr Simon Rundle). Funding: University of Plymouth Studentship. Completed 2007.

Lissa Goodwin, PhD. The ecology and conservation of the harbour porpoise (Phocena phocena) along the west coast of the UK. (Jointly supervised with Dr Martin Attrill & Dr Nick Tregenza). Funding: private. Completed 2007.

Sarah Carless, PhD. The effect of human disturbance on oystercatcher prey selection and foraging behaviour on rocky shores. (Jointly supervised with Dr Ross Coleman, University of Sydney & Dr Richard Stillman, CEH). Funding: HEFCE COLLr. Completed 2006.

Gillian Groeger, PhD. The visual performance of the cuttlefish eye. (Jointly supervised with Prof. Roddy Williamson). Funding: HEFCE COLLr. Completed 2003.


Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
Cotton PA 1996 'Body size and the ecology of hummingbirds' 239-258