Peter Bond

Peter Bond

Technical Specialist (Electron Microscopy)

Faculty of Science & Engineering


To provide technical, academic and theoretical support to users of the E M Centre from a wide range of disciplines. The Centre offers light microscopy, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, analytical facilities and image analysis.


HNC Applied Biology: Plymouth Polytechnic (1980)
HNC Supplement: Biological Electron Microscopy: Plymouth Polytechnic (1981)
BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences: University of Plymouth (1996)
PGCE Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: University of Plymouth (1999)

Teaching interests

Biological Sciences Second Year Methods: Microscopy and Image analysis
Biological Sciences Third Year: Biological Electron Microscopy
MRes/MSc: Applications in Electron Microscopy
MSc Aquatic Toxicology: Advanced Light Microscopy and Image Analysis
MRes: Advanced Bio-imaging and Analysis

Research interests

Main research interests are based on the effects of metal toxicity on the growth and ultrastructure of marine algae, but the EM Centre has links with many and varied research groups both within the university and with local collaborating institutes and research centres.

Clifford H. Thorp, Fran M. Sewell and Peter R. Bond. 1991. A self-cleaning mechanism in the operculum of Serpula vermicularis L. (Polychaeta: Serpulidae). Bulletin of Marine Science, Miami, 48 (2). 412-419.

Peter Bond, Maria Donkin and Roy Moate. 1997 The Development and Evaluation of Freeze-Fracture/Cytoplasmic Maceration for the Scanning Electron Microscope to Investigate Algal Ultrastructure. Micron, 28 (6). 433-438.

Peter R. Bond, Murray T. Brown, Roy M. Moate, Martha Gledhill, Stephen J. Hill and Malcolm Nimmo. 1999. Arrested Development in Fucus spiralis (Phaeophyceae) Germlings Exposed to Copper: A Preliminary Morphological and Ultrastructural Investigation. European Journal of Phycology, 34: 513-521.

Gavin W. Reade, Ayssar H. Nahle, Peter Bond, Jens M. Friedrich and Frank C. Walsh. 2004. Metal Ion removal from Acidic Solutions using Reticulated Vitreous Carbon Rotating Cylinder Electrodes (RVC RCEs). Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 79:935-945.