Mr Paul Watson

Mr Paul Watson

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Teaching interests

  • The application of 2D and 3D art in modern computer game engines (Unity, Unreal). Specialisation in optimising graphics for mobile and VR development as well as enhancing traditional art with digital tools to create a variety of visualisations. 
  • Design process for project development with a focus towards interactive systems and computer game production.
  • Teaching and Research Associate

Content delivery for modules and workshops within the Computer Game Development course:
  • AINT154 Immersive Induction - Game Art
  • AINT152 Games Workshop
  • AINT253 Design process
  • AINT355 Industry Engagement

Professional membership
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy




Research interests

Keywords:  3DUI, User Experience, Virtual Reality, Game Technology Applications, Virtual Learning Environments 

Research Interests

Exploring the learning affordances of virtual learning environments through popular and emerging technology platforms like mobile and virtual reality.  Utilising games technologies to attain improved memory recall, memory retention and topic understanding through the manipulation of visual elements and spatial cognition within virtual worlds.


29/06/2017 - Digital Learning Conference - Plymouth University
Aided workshop on "Exploring Virtual and Mixed Reality for Teaching and Learning", presenting background theory and possible future directions of immersive technology within education.

29/06/2016 - Teaching and Learning Conference - Plymouth University
Presented Recovery Position prototype and current research findings at the Games and Simulation thread. 

23/06/16 - 24/06/16 Sustainable Earth 2016 - Plymouth University
Demonstrated two technological applications of game technologies to aid training and development (R.O.V experience, Recovery Position prototype) developed by the Interactive Systems Studio team.

26/04/2016 - Cognovo Conference - Plymouth University
Aided creation and demonstration of virtual reality tadpole spinal cord visualisation.



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Varga M, Merrison-Hort R, Watson P, Borisyuk R & Livingstone D (2020) 'Tadpole VR: virtual reality visualization of a simulated tadpole spinal cord' Virtual Reality Author Site , DOI Open access
Watson PWL & Livingstone D (2018) 'Using mixed reality displays for observational learning of motor skills: A design research approach enhancing memory recall and usability' Research in Learning Technology , DOI Open access