Mr Paul Ramsay

Mr Paul Ramsay

Lecturer in Fine Art - Time Based & Digital Art

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Paul Ramsay - Lecturer in Fine Art: Time Based and Digital Fine Art;
School of Art and Design; Faculty of Arts

Thinking Practices (critical studies stage 1) module leader/Lecture Programme coordinator ART 405 and FAP 406

Art and Technology (critical studies stage 2) module leader ART 503 and ART 504

Digital Promotion and Teaching development coordinator

Professional membership
Sound and Music

Teaching interests

Time-Based art, including film, video and computer, Sound Art; Indeterminate Composition; Mail Art; Electronic Media as New Writing Strategies; Internet as a representational and teaching medium (particularly for University students); two-state Painting.

Staff serving as external examiners

External examiner for the University of Hertfordshire - Digital Publishing programme - four modules: 2HUM0234 Design for Print; 3HUM0286 Web Design; 2HUM0203 Making a Documentary and Digital Production; 3HUM0186 Computer Project (Sept. 2007 - 2011)

Research interests

New Strategies for Indeterminate Music Composition; Digital Media as Educational Domains

The Poetics of the Gramophone (non-linear sound and cultural inscription); Indeterminate Painting; The Life and Work of Beatrice Harrison; aspects of birdsong

Creative practice & artistic projects

Parallel Music; Salt Crystal Painting; the development of Lectra (eLECTRonic Art forms)

1995 - 2006 (selected works/events):

The Future of Music Lies In Hypertext (1995): paper presented at the Media Waves Festival in Brighton, Sussex

Temperature Music (1995): a composition which responds to changes in temperature. Shown at 'SET- 95' Teaching Exhibition, Bounds Green Mall, Middlesex University, Herts

A group show by the mail art collective 'Field Study' (June 22nd - July 15th 1995): 22 Chiltern Street, London, W1

Collages (1997) - a piece using the 'Parallel Music' system with visual imagery by Oona Campbell and music by myself exhibited at: Artists’ Book Fair, Royal Festival Hall; Artpool, Budapest, Hungary

Development of 'Chameleon Lectra' (2000 to present day) - a forum for the development of electronic artworks

Released CD album: 'Inlets' on the Motile recordLabel (2004); facilitated the release of CD album 'Magic Stones' by Robert Jarvis on the Motile recordLabel (2006); launched 'The Sound of the Field' indeterminate sound art mail art project (2006/7) - see links below

Gave presentation (with music examples) entitled 'Systems Music's Daughter' as part of 'Art in the Docks/Science in the Stocks' series of talks at Art Terracina, Exeter as part of Science Week 2006.

Exhibited 'Mobile Dawn In An Old World Garden' sound art piece at the ANTI PARALLEL group show (with Chris Cook, Susan Derges, Steve Hughes, Martin Prothero and Deborah Robinson) at the Egenis Building, University of Exeter 16/3/07 - 5/4/07. The exhibition was part of Science Week and included artist/researchers from the Universities of Plymouth and Exeter

In May/June 07 worked on 'Consemble: Plymouth' (Consemble: P) - an indeterminate sound art piece in collaboration with members of the Fine Art team at Exeter. This piece was exhibited online for the Sonic Arts Network's EXPO 2007 in Plymouth (22nd - 25th June), as part of the 'Distributed City' strand and marked the beginning of my Consemble project. As a development of this, a series of open composition 'Consembles' (A, B, C, D) were launched on July 14th 2007 after my paper 'Parallel Music – Towards a Utopian Compositional Form' given on the final day of the Utopia 2007 conference.

'Works Of Friction' (with Steve Thorpe) was exhibited at Art Terracina Gallery, Haven Banks, Exeter Quay. Private View: 1st September 2007 4-8pm; Open: 2nd-16th September 2007 Thursday to Sunday 11am-5pm
- As well as Steve Thorpe's 'Rock Works' series, this show featured my accompanying Parallel Music indeterminate sound installation 'Frictional Account' - built from over 320 recordings of rocks being activated through friction. My contribution also included a series of visual pieces which feature reworked 78rpm gramophone records.

Premiered a new 'short' PMusic work 'etude 23' as part of the Sound and Film (Voices Festival) in Plymouth on 24th February 2008

Launched and ran four open Consembles: E, F, G and C2 (1st Feb to 31st August)

Exhibited 'Fragaria Prelude' - a small show of paintings (featuring works made with fruit, salt, gramophone records and more)  from 18th September to 28th October 2009, Scott Building Foyer, University of Plymouth, Devon PL4

Launched and ran four Consembles by invitation: H, I, J and K (21st May to 31st May 2011)

Began composing sound/music installation/CD release 'Songs of Garden Guitars' complete with interactive notebook

Sound installation 'An Embroidery of British Birdsong' was shown at: Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter, Devon on the 7th November 2012 as part of the Egenis 'Collider - exploring hybridity' programme.

Launched own independent, publishing imprint Alembic Books (first four books published 31st July 2013):
Alembic 1: 'POSITIONS' ISBN 978-1-873396-00-1 (pb); ISBN 978-1-873396-19-13 (hb)
Alembic 2: '82 scores (for music)' ISBN 978-1-873396-12-4 (pb); ISBN 978-1-873396-18-6 (hb)
Alembic 3: 'POEMS and other insects and other poems' ISBN 978-1-873396-14-8 (pb); ISBN 978-1-873396-20-9 (hb)
Alembic 4: 'Jectory Tra' ISBN 978-1-873396-11-7 (pb); ISBN 978-1-873396-21-6 (hb)

Several books in preparation for publication this year including: 'The Crimson Full Stops' (poetry collection 2); 'Jectories Tra' (experimental writing), 'V & A: a book of scores for video'.

Collages: 'Engaged' Magazine (1995), CD ROM edition [No. 3]

Parallel Music: Visualising Non-Linear Composition (1996): paper given at the Eurographics Conference, Imperial College, London (refereed)

A Dot on the Map: a Cumbrian schools-based project (1997): Designed and authored the interface for the CD ROM version of this project

Other academic activities

2004 - Authored CDRom: 'Arts and Design For You'? (in collaboration with Sarah Bennett, Phil Ellis and Pat Belsher) - a Widening Participation initiative to provide an overview of opportunities in Arts and Design at HE in the South West
2006 - Web Site (containing video interviews) pertaining to the above

2006 (and ongoing) - work (initially with Katy Macleod) on the 'Writings On Art' project: the placing of Fine Art undergraduate Theses online

Liasing to develop the Fine Art presence on the main University site

Also authoring and developing the course's Fine Art website as a educational and promotional environment

2013/4 worked on the development of Undergraduate Fine Art webpages

- for all of the above see links below

2015/16 Web liason for Fine Art

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Inlets (album by Paul Ramsay - Motile RMusic 001); Magic Stones (album by Robert Jarvis - Motile RMusic 002)

'The Sound of the Field' - sound art mail art project

Consemble 'open compositions' project