Mr Paul Honeywill

Mr Paul Honeywill

Lecturer in Visual Arts

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)


Joint Programme Manager PgDip/MA Publishing, Manager University of Plymouth Press


BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design 1st Class Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication

Postgraduate Certificate of Education, St Lukes, University of Exeter

Teaching interests

The Publishing course was originally a regional vocational College Diploma in Publishing and Book Production. Since taking over the programme leadership I have taken the course through a series of revalidations to a named Masters award in Publishing. The course has now gone through another recent change to expand the reach of the course to include a series of stands; Illustration, Editorial Design, Design Commentary, Digital Futures as well as the Core study of Publishing with shared programme leadership.

The course enjoys a reputation with undergraduates from the United Kingdom and the European Community; France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Finland. It regularly attracts international students, including people in public sector or government posts within their own country. This has included students from St. Lucia, Belize, Malaysia, America, Canada, China, Mexico, Taiwan, Venezuela and Brazil.

Through the University enterprise agenda the course has seen the establishment of a University Press so that postgraduate students can engage with experiential learning through press activities which include; publication, production, editorial, author contact, sale of International rights, marketing, distribution, contract law and promotion to include London Book Fair event management including press release and book launches. All staff of the course also work on the Press.

External Examiner reports show a consistently high quality of student satisfaction and management of the programme. The last outgoing External Examiner commented ‘that the practical projects remain a real strength of the programme and as in previous years the University of Plymouth Press is providing some rewarding projects for students. In this respect he saw some good work in several modules in the programme.

Employment has been high for UK/European students at graduation over the last few years and have included The HistoryPress, Wiley’s, Usbourne, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press with David & Charles being a regular employer.

Research interests

Computer iconography and interface design

Grants & contracts

As publisher/designer University of Plymouth Press: To research and publish Romania’s 20 best writers and how they might be combined with 20 of Romania’s leading contemporary artists to create a narrative of Romania’s history over the last 100 years. The project is over a 5 year period with 4 books published each year, twelve books have been published so far. The works of Max Blecher Occurrence in the Immediate Reality, Constantin Noica Six Maladies of the Contemporary Spirit and Ion Muresan The Book of Winter have been reported in the Times Literary Supplement, Mirecea Ivanescu Lines Poems Poetry has been shortlisted by the Poetry Society for the Corneliu Popescu prize, Razvan Petrescu Small Changes in Attitude, Nicolae Manolescu French Themes and Mircea Cartarescu Why We Love Women have been submitted on request to the The Independent Short Fiction Prize. Ioan Grosan’s The Cinematography Caravan has beena dapted for the screen by Titus Muntean. The series advisors selected by UPP are Adina Bradeanu Bodleian Library, Dennis Deletant Penn State and Cristina Sandru managing editor The Literary Encyclopedia. The series was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Enterprise Award for International Engagement.

As publisher/designer University of Plymouth Press: To research and publish previously restricted British, Italian and German Naval battle summaries with battle damage reports, first hand accounts, signals and Fuehrer naval conference extracts particular to engagements to establish a baseline source of history for WWii. To place this source into context through contemporary forwards with introductions by naval experts and/or first hand accounts by leading figures within the Royal Navy. Britannia Naval Histories of World War II in collaboration with Britannia Naval College Dartmouth has published the first 7 titles and include texts by the present first Sea Lord Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope Hunting Tirpitz: Royal Naval Operations against Bismarck’s Sister Ship, two former Sea Lords, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band Hitler’s Ghost Ships: Graf Spee, Scharnhorst and Disguised German Raiders, Admiral Lord Alan West the present Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Home Office Fight for the Fjords: The Battle for Norway and HRH Prince Philip, Lord High Admiral Dark Seas: The Battle of Cape Matapan, this is a first hand account by his Highness published for the first time. The launch of this series was at London Book Fair with stand support provided by the Romanian Cultural Institute in recognition of the 20 Romanian Writers Project and was reported in The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Express, Huffington Post and Skirmish, reviews at LBF have been confirmed with journals including Navy News UK and Battleship Review who were also invited by UPP to LBFFurther titles in this series are underway and will be expanded outside of European operations to include British, American and Japanese summaries for Pacific engagements. These titles are also being converted in ebooks and distributed by NBNi Fusion to 147 vendors including Kindle and Nook to iPad. For titles published go to

Key publications are highlighted

Honeywill P 2000 'A comparison between Maya hieroglyphs and computer icons' AI & Society 14, (3-4) 395-410 , DOI

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