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Ms Paola Lopreiato

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Lopreiato P (2017) 'Consciousness, synchronicity and art – implications in creative thinking and direction of the art in relation to the concept of universe and reality in quantum mechanics' Technoetic Arts 15, (1) 75-82 , DOI
Lopreiato P (2015) 'Analysis of noise as a way of understanding emotion and making an installation: Reflection on phenomenological, parametric, inner and outer worlds meeting and becoming audible' Technoetic Arts 13, (3) 269-274 , DOI
Lopreiato P (2014) 'Reflections on art, nature and technology: The role of technology, algorithm, nature, psyche and imagination in the aspiration of an aesthetic experience' Technoetic Arts 12, (2) 423-428 , DOI
Lopreiato P (2014) 'Endless Fire: Multimedia interactive installation involving the use of thermographic cameras for the measurements of moist parameters (human temperature) in relation to sensations, feelings and the technologic environment' Technoetic Arts 12, (1) 39-46 , DOI