Dr Oscar de la Torre

Dr Oscar de la Torre

COAST Research Fellow

School of Engineering (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Dr Oscar de la Torre is a postdoctoral research fellow at COAST Laboratory in the University of Plymouth. He completed his PhD in fluid-structure interaction of submerged structures under cavitating flows. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Fluid Mechanics.

Oscar has extensive experience both in structural dynamics and fluids mechanics, he has been working in the private sector designing piping systems and hydraulic machinery for different companies. As a researcher he was appointed at National University of Ireland Galway leading the Large Structures laboratory where he tested tidal and wind blades under static, fatigue and dynamic conditions. He was then appointed at the University of Bristol helping developing a new methodology to test the new generation of airplane wings in wind tunnels.

Oscar hopes to provide his experience to help companies test in COAST facilities.

Research interests

Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)

Structural Dynamics
Added Mass of sumberged structures
Cavitating Flow