Mr Oliver Udy

Mr Oliver Udy

Lecturer in Photography

School of Art and Media (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)


BA(Hons) Photography - University of Plymouth
MA Photography - University College Falmouth
PGCE - University of Wales Newport

I am a photographer, publisher and curator working with a wide range of practices.

Research interests

My Research interests vary with each different aspect of my work. As a photographer I am interested in the Vernacular and the Landscape. I have explored different spaces that have interesting socio-political backgrounds.

I also have an ongoing collaboration with another Artist, which is focussed on Photography and the Archive, as well as contemporary rural life.

Finally I am interested in micro publishing, and the rise of the independent photobook. As a publisher I am interested in new incarnations of documentary practice, as well as exploring the authorial role of the editor in the presentation of others' work. .

Grants & contracts

2010 - Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England - Curatorial Project.

2012 - Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England - Photographic Project

Creative practice & artistic projects

Group Exhibitions:


Reflecting The Rural, Peninsula Arts Gallery. Plymouth. UK


Foret, Hereford Photography Festival. UK

Postcards from Europe,Wem Town Hall. UK

Decalcomania, The Exchange, Penzance. UK

Library of Independent Exchange, BAS7 Fringe, Plymouth. UK

Universals, Fringe Arts Bath. UK

Residency Show - Fal River Festival, Falmouth - may/jun 10
Fringe Arts Bath - The Octagon, Bath - may/jun 10 - London Met Space - oct/nov 09 
Final Show - Woodlane, Falmouth - sept 09 
Half Stop - The Poly, Falmouth - apr/may 09 
Embark - King Harry Ferry - apr 09 
Now we can Talk - Woodstock, New York - nov 08 
Light Rain - Dray Walk, Brick Lane - oct 08 
Wandering - Jam, Falmouth - mar 08 
NEW (ad)VENTURE - Vitreous Gallery - jan 08