Dr Nikolas Martzikos

Dr Nikolas Martzikos

Research Fellow in ORE Metocean Data Integration

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Nikolas is a Research Fellow in Offshore Renewable Energy Metocean Data Integration as part of the Cornwall Floating Offshore Wind (FLOW) Accelerator project.

Nikolas completed a BSc in Mathematics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an MSc in Marine Science and Technology from the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NTUA) and he completed his PhD in Coastal Engineering in the School of Civil Engineering (NTUA). He worked as a research and teaching assistant during his PhD and as a mathematics tutor for more than ten years. His PhD, titled "Analysis of Coastal Storms for their Application in Harbours and Coastal Structures Design" was completed in the Laboratory of Harbour Works (NTUA). His current role at the University of Plymouth started in December 2021.


BSc in Mathematics spec. in Applied Math and Statistics | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2008.
MSc in Marine science and Technology | National Technical University Athens, 2013.
PhD in Coastal Engineering | National Technical University of Athens, 2021.



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Martzikos NT, Prinos PE, Memos CD & Tsoukala VK (2021) 'Key research issues of coastal storm analysis' Ocean & Coastal Management 199, 105389-105389 , DOI
Martzikos NT, Prinos PE, Memos CD & Tsoukala VK (2021) 'Statistical analysis of Mediterranean coastal storms' Oceanologia 63, (1) 133-148 , DOI
Martzikos NT & Soukissian TH (2017) 'Modelling of the sea surface elevation based on a data analysis in the Greek seas' Applied Ocean Research 69, 76-86 , DOI
Tsoukala VK, Chondros M, Kapelonis ZG, Martzikos N, Lykou A, Belibassakis K & Makropoulos C (2016) 'An integrated wave modelling framework for extreme and rare events for climate change in coastal areas – the case of Rethymno, Crete' Oceanologia 58, (2) 71-89 , DOI
Martzikos N, Afentoulis V & Tsoukala V 'Storm clustering and classification for the port of Rethymno in Greece' Water Utility Journal 20, 67-79
Conference Papers
Giantsi T, Papacharalampous G, Martzikos N & Moutzouris CI (2016) 'Spectral parameters modification in front of a seawall with wave return' 330-337
Martzikos N, Lykou A, Makropoulos C & Tsoukala V 'Cluster analysis and classification of storm events at Rethymno' 10th WORLD CONGRESS. on water resources and environment "Panta Rhei"
Martzikos N, Prinos P, Memos C & Tsoukala V 'Mediterranean Coastal Storms in a Changing Climate' 1st International Scientific Conference on the Design and Management of Harbor Coastal and Offshore Works