Professor Nikolaos Tzokas

Professor Nikolaos Tzokas

Professor of Marketing

Faculty of Business


Executive Dean, Faculty of Business


Ph.D. in Management, University of Bath, UK.

MBA, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece.

BSc Business Administration, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece.

Roles on external bodies

Council Member of the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS).
Chair of the International Committee of the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS).
Member of Plymouth Growth Board.
Member of Plymouth Employment and Skills Board.
Member of Devon and Cornwall Business Council Advisory Board (DCBC).
Member of Plymouth Area Business Council (PABC).

Research interests

My research portfolio consists of three clearly identified subject areas, namely new product development, relationship marketing, and sales management. The common denominator, which navigates and focuses this research portfolio, is the development of our understanding on how the competitiveness of contemporary firms can be enhanced by means of joint value creation i.e. knowledge created and used through close collaboration among firms, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Grants & contracts

Horizon 2020; Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). Blood Biomarker-based Diagnostic Tools for Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease (BBDiag); European Training Network (ETN). (CI : €3.5 million) (2017-2021)

European Regional Development Fund for Baltic Sea Region (Best Agers project); (PI- £100,000), 2010-2012

Interreg IVB North Sea Programme, VRA, Area Regeneration. Two programmes: Innovation Panel and Business Growth programme; (PI- £150,000), 2009-2012

Project EVOLVE, Secured funding from HEFCE and raised matched funding locally to support Norfolk’s economy during the economic crisis (£500,000 from HEFCE; (PI) £600,000 locally), 2009-2010

ESRC Business Engagement Opportunities Scheme. Low carbon competitive solutions: enabling sustainable behavioural change, (PI-£98,523), 2008-2009

Norfolk Knowledge. Norfolk County Council, (PI-£150,000), 2008-2012

Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) Great Yarmouth. Linking employment opportunities to local skills and knowledge (PI-£100,000), 2008-2009

Marketing Forum. The UEA Alumni Fund, (PI-£5,000), 2004-2006

ESRC Relationship Marketing Theory and Practice: Seminar Series, (PI-£15,000) 2003-2005

ICT Skills in Norfolk, Norfolk County Council (PI-£10,000), 2001-2002

The valuation of a customer database: benchmarking current practices. Research Grant from the Institute of Direct Marketing, (CI-£20,500), 2000-2001

National Foundation for Women’s Business Ownership (NFWBO) – Women’s Business Ownership in the UK (CI-£23,000), 2000-2001

Federation of Small Business (FSB) – Barriers to growth (CI-£65,000), 2000-2001

Critical Information and the Quest for Customer relevant NPD processes, EU Fellowship, Marie Curie, Training and Mobility of Researchers Programme, (grant holder), (PI-90,000 ECUs), 1997-1999

Selling and Sales Management Practices of UK firms: The role of the salesperson in the value creation process. Research Grant from the Institute of Professional Sales, CIM branch (CI-£10,500), 1998-1999

The alumni MSc in marketing group at the Department of Marketing, University of Stirling (CI-£ 1,500), 1997-1998

Service deletion (CI-£2,300) from University of Stirling Internal Research Fund, 1997-1998

Realising our Potential Awards (ESRC-ROPA) - Retail Loyalty Schemes: Outcome and Impact (CI-£38,032). The aim of this project was to assess management’s perception of customer loyalty and the role of employees in building customer loyalty, 1996-1998

Project Relator: Relationship Orientation of Salespeople and Antecedents (CI-£4,000) Stirling and Strathclyde, 1996-1997

Key publications are highlighted

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