Dr Nataliya Stashchuk

Dr Nataliya Stashchuk

Senior Research Fellow

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Research interests

I focus my research studies designed to understand behaviour of nonlinear waves, internal waves, hydrodynamic instabilities and mixing. My research is very numerically oriented and theoretical in nature. High resolution numerical simulations, using a fully-nonlinear, nonhydrostatic numerical model, are being done to study a variety of processes related to internal waves. These include such things as wave generation by tidal flow of topographic features such as bank edges and sills, the evolution of shoaling solitary waves and tidal flow over a sill. Mathematical models, such as those based on weakly-nonlinear theory, are also used to study problems related to internal solitary waves. This provides a framework for interpreting and understanding the results of numerical simulations.

Grants & contracts


Researcher - NERC grant NE/K013262 CONNECTIVITY (Influence of population connectivity on depth-dependent diversity of deep-sea benthic biota) &574000, 2016-2018

Co-Investigator - NERC grant NE/I030232/1 FASTNEt (Fluxes accross the sloping topography) £595000, 2011-2015 

Co-Investigator NERC grant NE/F012403/1 (Modelling of the Wyville Thomson Ridge Overflow) 2008-2011, Partners SAMS, Dundee, UK, £171000

o  Co-Investigator - NERC grant NE/E010214/1 (Non-traditional baroclinic wave effects in the Strait of Gibraltar) 2008-2009, Partners University of Malaga, Spain, £57600

o  Co-Investigator - NERC grant NE/E01030X/1 (A new mechanism for generation of internal waves) £56960 2007-2008

o  Co-Investigator - NERC grant NE/D007968/1 (Boiling water in the Strait of Gibraltar) £55600, 2006-2007 Partners University of Cadiz, Spain

Creative practice & artistic projects






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Conference Papers

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Other Publications

Stashchuk N. M. (1990) Generation of internal waves in horizontally ingomogeneous ocean. Sevastopol, 20 pp. (autoreferat)

Vlasenko, V.I., and N.M. Stashchuk (1988). Generation of baroclinic tides over oceanic ridge in the two-layers and continuously stratified oceans. Printed in VINITI, Moscow, 20p.preprint