Mr Muhammad Dawood

Mr Muhammad Dawood

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Dawood M, Fuhrmann W & V Ghita B 2018 'Improvements for DMM in SDN and Virtualization Based Mobile Network Architecture' International Journal of Mobile Network Communications & Telematics 8, (1/2/3/4) 01-14 , DOI PEARL
Conference Papers
Dawood M, Fuhrmann W & Ghita BV 2017 'Assay of IP mobility management in SDN based mobile network architecture' 2017 Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA) 9-/-0/20179-/-0/2017IEEE , DOI PEARL
Dawood M, Fuhrmann W & Ghita BV 2016 'Assay of multipath TCP for session continuity in distributed mobility management' 1-/-0/19001-/-0/1900141-146
Fuhrmann W, Dawood M & Ghita BV 2015 'Prospects for TV White Space access in the Evolved Packet Core environment' 2015 Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA) 9-/-0/20159-/-0/2015IEEE , DOI
Dawood M, Fuhrmann W & Ghita BV 2014 'Assay of white space technology standards for vehicular cognitive access' 1-/-0/19001-/-0/190023-33