Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) Education

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)


Mike Murphy – Senior Lecturer in Education

University of Plymouth

I teach on the International Masters Programme (MA). I am also programme leader on the National Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination (SENCO Award), and I am also programme leader for the Mandatory Qualification in Visual Impairment ( MQVI). Both of these programmes are at M level and combine M level learning with work-based practice.



Research interests

Mike’s research and teaching interests include: inclusive education and social justice; student behaviour and motivation;; innovations in teaching and learning; teacher and student perceptions of achievement and ability; the management of change and emotional and social literacy. He is also involved in developing frameworks, which support person friendly schools and the promotion of mental health in school settings, along with the development of professional learning and teacher led research communities.

He has an MA awarded by the University of London

Mike has been involved in consultancy for the UNICEF Central Asian Republics and Kazakhstan Global Education (Child Friendly Schools) Project

Publications and conferences

Murphy, M and McPherson, A 1985 – 97 Cutting Edge Publications: A series of teaching resources. www.cuttingedgepublications.com

Cowne, E and Murphy, M. (2001) A Beginners Guide to Special Educational Needs: A Handbook. National Association for Special Educational Needs, London.

Chapters in Books

Leedham, B and Murphy, M (2007) The Joy of Teaching History, Hayes, D, (Ed) The Joy of Teaching in the Primary School, Learning Matters.


Murphy, M. (2004) Global Education in the Central Asian Republics and Kazakhstan: An Evaluation. UNICEF

Papers and Conferences

Murphy, M. (2005)Transgressing, travelling, tinkering: taking heavenly notions of discourse, power and resistance into the ‘real’ world. Paper presented at Discourse, Power and Resistance (DPR) University of Plymouth, April 2005

Kelly, P and Murphy, M. (2005) Educational Development along the Silk Road: Reflections on the UNICEF Global Education Project in Central Asia. Paper presented at the British Educational Research Conference, University of Glamorgan, September 2005

Murphy, M and Rea. T. (2006) Innovation in the role of leading CPD: constructing teacher knowledge and identity through collaborative learning. Paper presented at International Professional Development Association, University of Sterling, December 2006

Knowler, H. & Murphy, M (forthcoming) SEAL: What’s happening in schools? Submitted for review October 2007

Knowler, H., Murphy, M. & Rea, T. (2007) (in review) Innovation in the role of leading CPD: constructing teacher knowledge and identity through collaborative learning
Kelly, P., Knowler, H., Murphy, M. & Rea, T. (2007) Tidy student identities defiled by the ‘truth’ and power of school assessment: an exploration of student experience. Paper presented at the Discourse Power Resistance (DPR) conference MMU 22-25th March 2007
Knowler, H., Murphy, M & Rea, T. (2007) Enhancing the Plymouth experience of masters level continuing professional development: overcoming barriers with reluctant and returning writers VC’s 5th Teaching and Learning Conference University of Plymouth 28th June 2007
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Murphy, M. & Knowler, H. (2007) Learning and assessment in a wider achievement zone: how to nurture pupil ability and attainment by thinking different thoughts. Torbay Learning Conference (21/9/07).

Invited Lectures

Murphy, M. (2007) Research as Art and the Art of Research; using creative methods to construct knowledge – possibilities and pitfalls., Rudolf Steiner University College Järna, Sweden.

Murphy, M. (2007) Developing and nurturing pupils’ social and emotional competences: a UK perspective. Rudolf Steiner University College Järna, Sweden.