Dr Michelle Vang

Dr Michelle Vang

Research Fellow B

School of Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Health)

Research Fellow in Mathew Upton's lab


2019-present: Research fellow

2016-19: PhD in molecular biology, Roskilde University, Denmark

2013-15: Cand. Scient. in medicinal and molecular biology, Roskilde University, Denmark

2010-13: Bachelor in medicinal and molecular biology, Roskilde University, Denmark

Professional membership

Microbiology Society

Research interests

My interests are in antimicrobial peptides (AMP) and their dual role as antimicrobial agents and immunomodulatory effect. My focus has mainly been on wound healing, but I'm currently project is on novel antimicrobial discovery. 

Key words in my research: biofilm formation, antimicrobial development, antimicrobial resistance, immune regulation, cytokines, wound healing.

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Mouritzen MV, Andrea A, Qvist K, Poulsen SS & Jenssen H 2019 'Immunomodulatory potential of Nisin A with application in wound healing' Wound Repair and Regeneration 27, (6) 650-660 , DOI
Vang Mouritzen M & Jenssen H 2018 'Optimized Scratch Assay for <em>In Vitro</em> Testing of Cell Migration with an Automated Optical Camera' Journal of Visualized Experiments (138) , DOI
Mouritzen MV, Abourayale S, Ejaz R, Ardon CB, Carvalho E, Dalgaard LT, Roursgaard M & Jenssen H 2018 'Neurotensin, substance P, and insulin enhance cell migration' Journal of Peptide Science 24, (7) e3093-e3093 , DOI
Saporito P, Vang Mouritzen M, Løbner-Olesen A & Jenssen H 2018 'LL-37 fragments have antimicrobial activity againstStaphylococcus epidermidisbiofilms and wound healing potential in HaCaT cell line' Journal of Peptide Science 24, (7) e3080-e3080 , DOI