Dr Melanie Moore

Dr Melanie Moore

Lecturer in Dietetics and Nutrition

School of Health Professions (Faculty of Health)



Programme Lead, MSc Human Nutrition


PhD (Human Nutrition) Cambridge University
BSc (Physiology) St Andrews University

Professional membership

Nutrition Society, British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Association for the Study of Obesity, SENSE



Teaching interests

Physiology, metabolism, sports nutrition.



Research interests

Appetite, physical activity, obesity, sport nutrition

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

PhD, University of Exeter



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Ashworth A, Cutler C, Farnham G, Liddle L, Burleigh M, Rodiles A, Sillitti C, Kiernan M, Moore M & Hickson M (2019) 'Dietary intake of inorganic nitrate in vegetarians and omnivores and its impact on blood pressure, resting metabolic rate and the oral microbiome' Free Radical Biology and Medicine , DOI Open access
Varley-Campbell JL, Fulford J, Moore MS & Williams CA (2017) 'Adolescent brain activation: dependence on sex, dietary satiation, and restraint' Nutritional Neuroscience 1-8 , DOI Open access
Varley-Campbell JL, Moore MS & Williams CA (2015) 'The effects of a mid-morning snack and moderate-intensity exercise on acute appetite and energy intake in 12–14-year-old adolescents' British Journal of Nutrition 117, (4) 602-610 , DOI
Varley-Campbell JL, Moore MS, Ewen RE & Williams CA (2015) 'Perceived energy compensation following various sports: an age and sex comparison. Preliminary observations' European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 69, (12) 1344-1345 , DOI
Moore MS, Dodd CJ, Welsman JR & Armstrong NA (2004) 'Short-term appetite and energy intake following imposed exercise in 9-10 year old girls' Appetite 42 (3), 127-134
Murgatroyd PR, Frühbeck G, Goldberg GR, Jebb SA, Leahy FE, Moore MS & Prentice AM (2003) 'Leptin does not respond to 48 h fat deposition or mobilization in women' International Journal of Obesity 27, (4) 457-462 , DOI
JEBB SA & MOORE MS (1999) 'Contribution of a sedentary lifestyle and inactivity to the etiology of overweight and obesity: current evidence and research issues' Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 31, (Supplement 1) S534-S534 , DOI


Other academic activities

Admissions Officer for Dietetics