Professor Megan Crawford

Professor Megan Crawford

Director of Plymouth Institute of Education

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts & Humanities)


Director of Institute and Professor


B.Ed (Hons) Exeter

M.A. (Open)

Phd (IOE, University of London)

Professional membership

British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society (BELMAS



Research interests

Emotion and Leadership

Professional Learning across sectors
Leadership Development
Headteacher Life Stories


Developing As an Educational Leader (2014) London, Sage

Getting to the Heart of Leadership (2009) London, Sage

Book Chapters

Crawford, M and James, C.(in Press, 2014) The Case for an Affective Paradigm in Research in Researching with Feeling, London Broussine et al (editors) Routledge

Crawford, M. (2012) Overlapping Social Spheres: The Social Domain of Schools, Parents and the Community in Principles of School Leadership Brundrett, M. (ed.), Sage, pages 157-170

Cowie, M. and Crawford, M. (2011) Perspectives on identity: being and becoming a headteacher, In Forbes, J. and Watson, C. (eds). The transformation of children’s services. Examining and debating the complexities of inter/professional working. London: Routledge, pages 77-91

Recent Articles

Coldron, J., Crawford, M., Jones, S., Simkins, T. (2014) "Emerging local schooling landscapes: the role of the local authority", School Leadership and Management

Coldron, J., Crawford, M., Jones, S., Simkins, T. (2014) The positions of primary and secondary schools in the English school field: A case of durable inequality, Journal of Education Policy

Coldron, J., Crawford, M., Jones, S., Simkins, T. (2014) ‘The restructuring of schooling in England: the responses of well-positioned Head teachers’, Educational Management, Administration and Leadership, Vol. 42(3) 387–403

Crawford M. (2012) Solo and distributed leadership: definition and dilemmas, Educational Management, Administration and Leadership, Vol 40.5, pp. 610-620

Crawford M., Bush T. (2012) Mapping the Field over 40 Years: A Historical Review, Educational Management, Administration and Leadership, Vol 40.5, pp. 537-543.