Professor Maureen Coombs

Professor Maureen Coombs

Professor in Clinical Nursing

School of Nursing and Midwifery (Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences)


Clinical academic nurse with expertise in end-of-life care and critical care. 



During her extensive health care career, Maureen (Mo) has held senior clinical practice, service management and academic roles. Mo’s clinical practice with long term chronically critically ill patients has directed her research platform on end of life with a focus on developing compassionate family-centred care and developing workforce capacity in end-of life care for acute and critical care.

She is internationally recognised for her work relating to end-of-life care and critical care. Mo is an editorial board member of several international peers reviewed journals. She has published widely in journals and text books and presented extensively across the world. 

Mo has recently returned to the UK after holding the post of Professor in Clinical nursing (Critical Care) at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (NZ). Her recent service to community includes: member of the Clinical Ethics Group at Wellington Regional Hospital (NZ); member of the Health Quality and Safety Commission’s Deteriorating Patient Programme Expert Advisory Group (NZ); and member of an international taskforce developing family-centred care guidelines for the Society of Critical Care Medicine (USA). 



General Nurse Professional Registration, New Zealand Nursing Council  

Independent Nurse Prescriber, Nursing and midwifery Council  

Registered Nurse Teacher, Nursing and Midwifery Council, UK 

Intensive (100) and Coronary Care Nursing (124) courses, English National Board  

Registered General Nurse, Nursing and Midwifery Council, UK  


Educational Qualifications: 

Post Graduate Certificate in Research Methods, Kings College University, London, UK 

Diploma in Coaching, Institute of Management and Leadership, UK 

PhD in Nursing Studies, Oxford Brookes University, UK 

MSc in Education, South Bank University, UK 

BSc (Hons) Professional Studies in Nursing, Bournemouth University, UK 


Professional membership 

Royal College Nursing 

British Association of Critical Care Nurses 

New Zealand College of Nurses (2012-2018) 

Professional membership

Royal College Nursing 

British Association of Critical Care Nurses 

New Zealand College of Nurses (2012-2018) 

Roles on external bodies


of Health Quality and Safety Commission Expert Advisory Group, Deteriorating Patient Programme, Wellington, NZ 

Member of Expert Working Party, American Society of Critical Care Medicine on family centred practice. 

Member of National Advanced Care Planning Co-operative, New Zealand  

Editorial Board member: Australian Critical Care, Nursing in Critical Care 

Peer research reviewer: NIHR UK, Marie Curie Cancer Care UK, Burdett for Nursing, HRC New Zealand, HRC Singapore 

Peer academic reviewer: International Journal of Nursing Studies, Journal of Advanced Nursing, Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, Palliative Medicine 

Teaching interests

Advanced health assessment 

Advancing nursing practice and nursing roles  

End of life care practices 

Building research capability through Masters’ and doctoral supervision 

Staff serving as external examiners

Examiner for PhD theses at the following Universities:

Auckland University of Technology, NZ

Massey University, NZ

University of Cape Town, South Africa 

University of Auckland, NZ 

University of Southampton, UK 

Queensland University of Technology, Australia 

Bournemouth University, UK 

Examiner PhD Salford University, UK

Research interests

Patient and family perceptions and experiences at end of life 

End-of-life care practices and decision-making  

Family-centred care in critical care 

Transitions of care at end of life 

Key publications are highlighted

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Conference Papers
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