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Mr Matthew Sharman

Engineering Analysis and Research Fellow

School of Engineering


CFD Analyst at DesignFlow - an Engineering Design and Analysis Consultancy and Research group within Plymouth University. 

DesignFlow deliver engineering consultancy projects in the field of fluid mechanics and engineering design, usually (but not always) involving CFD analysis.

Emphasis is also placed on securing and conducting CFD based research projects, bringing a high quality Research and Practice Informed Teaching aspect to undergraduate and postgraduate CFD teaching at Plymouth University.

Consultancy projects have included:

  • Bespoke software development - Wave energy converter simulation 
  • Design and development of novel hydraulic power take off devices
  • Building Aerodynamics
Research interests include:
  • Simulating blood flow in arteries
  • Aerodynamic design of streamlined shapes
  • CFD of marine mammals
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MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering - Plymouth University

Professional membership