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Dr Matthew Rech

Lecturer in Human Geography

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


- Lecturer in Human Geography. School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Plymouth University. From May 2016

- Associate Research Fellow in Geography. College of Life & Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter. 2015-16

- Teaching Fellow in Human Geography. School of Geography, Politics and Sociology. Newcastle University. 2013-15

- ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow. School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape. Newcastle University. 2012-13

- Teaching Fellow in Political Geography. School of Geography, Politics and Sociology. Newcastle University. 2011-12

- PhD Human Geography. Newcastle University. 2008-12

- M.A (Dist.) Human Geography Research. 2007-8

- B.A. (Hons) Geography. Newcastle University. 2004-7

Grants & contracts

NewcastleUniversity GPS School Research Committee Funding, A political-historical geography of Britain’s first airshow. £248.1st August 2014-July 2015

ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship ES/J005096/1, A critical geopolitics of RAF recruitment, September 2012-September 2013. (£85,913.00)

ESRC PhD Studentship ES/G031096/1, A critical geopolitics of RAF recruitment, October 2008-Spetember 2011. (c. £40,000)

Williams A, R Woodward, N Jenkings and M F Rech (Eds) (2016) The Routledge Companion to Military Research Methods. London: Routledge

Rech M F, Jenkings K N, Williams A J and Woodward R. ‘An Introduction to Military Research Methods’ Williams A, R Woodward, N Jenkings and M F Rech (Eds) The Routledge Companion to Military Research Methods. London: Routledge, 2016, pp.1-17.

Rech M F and Williams A (2016) ‘Researching Airshows – autoethnography and observant participation’ in Williams A, R Woodward, NJenkings and M F Rech (Eds) The Routledge Companion to Military Research Methods. London:Routledge, pp. 268-284.

Rech M F (2016) ‘Children, Young People and the everyday geopolitics of British military recruitment’ in Benwell M and P Hopkins (Eds.) Children, Young People and CriticalGeopolitics. Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 45-60.

Rech M F (2015) A critical geopolitics of observant practice at British military airshows. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. 40. 4, 536-458

Rech M F (2014) Be Part of the Story: A popular geopolitics of war comics aesthetics and Royal Air Force recruitment. Political Geography. 39. 36-47

Rech M F, D Bos, N Jenkings, A Williams and R Woodward (2015) Geography, military geography and critical military studies. Critical Military Studies. 1. 1, 47-60

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In press, under review and revision

Rech M F (TBC) ‘Recruitment Strategies’ in Golson J P and J Geoffrey (Eds) The SAGE Encyclopaedia of War (Under review)


In preparation

Rech M F (TBC) A politics of space and spectacle at England’s first airshow. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space

Rech M F (TBC) Placing violence: toward a critical geopolitics of militarism and militarisation. GeoJournal

Rech M F (TBC) Ephemera(l) geopolitics: the material cultures of British militarism. For submission to a special issue of Geopolitics on Domesticating Geopolitics, edited by Tara Woodyer, Sean Carter and Klaus Dodds

Rech M F, Bos D, Jenkings K N (TBC) The geographies of everyday militarism: media, matter, senses. Geography Compass